Sunday, July 8, 2012

Strawberry Hill Start and you gotta check out this freebie!

The temperature has definately improved.  We haven't had triple digits but, it has been well into the 90's.  I do have the house opened this morning.  I may need to turn on the AC as the day goes on but, we will be able to sleep with windows open tonight.

I have started Strawberry Hill Sampler by Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle and Thread.  This is going to turn out so cool.  The colors are marvelous.  This is going to be a great stitch!
 The colors aren't exactly true to life in these pictures.  The fabric is more yellow than grey as it appears in the pictures.  
 The pattern didn't come with a scissors fob pattern.  I will take one of the motifs and make one.  I loved the way she finished the thimble purses, some the other With Thy Needle and Thread summer releases  with button fringe.  This has become one of my favorite finishes and have used the idea on other things.  (Wait for a future post)
Reading through the finishing instructions for Strawberry Hill;  she recommends using shoe polish on the box.  I did order some Briwax a furniture polish made of Bee's wax, canuba wax and solvents. I have called several hardware and woodworking store within a 100 mile radius. ( I found it through Amazon.  I adore Amazon.)   I used it on my sister's birthday present.  It is awesome!  I need to use it to finish several things happening in the next few months.  I can't divulge since it is still super secret.  This much I can tell you, I sent her her b'day present and her birthday is July 12.  As soon as I hear she has gotten it and opened it I can post.  It is killing me not to show you since I am terribly pleased with how it turned out.  I took a pile of pictures so be prepared.  

I haven't made as much progress on Strawberry Hill since I am also working on the Christmas presents.  I have 8 parts done and have 8 more to go.  One part of 4 is small and won't take long.  It will be a lengthy process finishing it off.  I will have some time since I will be off work another five weeks.  

If you aren't a blog member of Notforgotten Farms you gotta check it out.  Website: and the July 6 post.  She has a very charming freebie pattern.  I printed it and will get the supplies to stitch it up.  I did order some of her upcoming 32 count hand dyed linen just to add to the fabric stash.

Hope you are all staying cool.  Thanks for stopping by.  Keep on stitching.  

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