Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just What to Do with the Leftovers

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I have been doing embroidery and cross stitching for around 40 years. So I have done quite a few kits and projects and sometimes end up with extra threads, now if I buy the threads that is not a problem, because you can always add to your stash, but if it is a kit what on earth do you do with the bits of thread that are left?
Most kits do not have a thread number. And since most kits give you extra threads so you don’t run short, you end up with lengths of different colors. Have you ever done a project that would use up threads like this. I have thought of trying a sampler and just using the thread in color schemes, you know first pattern row be shades of blue, second shades of red, third shade of yellow etc. But I am afraid it would be a muddled mess.
This is a great question.  I haven't bought a lot of kits recently unless they have really special threads i.e. silks.  Generally a lot of kits I don't care for because of the fabric (I haven't stitched on Aida in years).  When I did buy those kits, I would give the leftovers to my daughter who was young and had fun with it.  I have also left pieces out for the birds in the spring to help build nests, hanging them between the fence pickets, on bushes and tree branches.

Now, if I buy a kit like a Shepherd's Bush, they come with a card to separate and loop the floss on.  I will then put it back with the pattern.  I have given some kits to my stitching group buds and they have used the remainder of the floss.

I much rather buy patterns and floss just for the stash enhancement.  Can't have enough stash, especially floss.  I am a floss junkie

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  1. I like when the kits contain actual DMC floss or hand-dyeds... it's easier to re-use them.

  2. I love that you will give floss away to others. Awesome!

  3. You said my favorite words : stash enhancement :)

  4. I love Loretta's comment....perfect!