Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Star Spangled Day

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This is a good post to follow Stitching the Night Away's latest blog hop question, talking about seasonal designs.  Today is all about seasonal blog...The Fourth of July, that Star Spangled Holiday.  I finished Prairie Schooler July on July 1 and framed it yesterday.  Plenty of time and you know it will be up for the whole month.  In case you didn't already know this, PS is one of my favorite designers.  I should do a few of the small ones to scatter about, maybe someday.  I should keep a list of these things somewhere so I don't forget.  
 I got out the rest of my Fourth of July pieces to decorate.  I have done these over the years.  This one I am particularly pleased with since I had to sew all the pieces together.  It is a Homespun Elegance.  I think now you can get the pillows done, you just need to stitch them up.  I even put piping on it and I had never done that before.  I have done several Homespun Elegance over the years and they is another one coming up further down the blog.
 The sheep buttons by the barn are particularly cute.  I should have done a close up of that.
 Another Homespun Elegance....Bringing In series.  I should have some sheep in my backyard since I am keen about them.
 I think this is a Bent Creek.  I think there is a button theme going on here.
 Shepherd's Bush.  Lots of buttons.  This was suppose to be done on larger count fabric but, I have done all of these on smaller count to make little knob holders.  I need places to put things.  The smaller size just seemed to fit better.
 Not sure what this is.  It is either a Bent Creek Zipper or a Lizzie*Kate.  Somebody will know I'm sure.  I used hemp for the hanger since I thought the design was more rustic.
 Another Shepherd's Bush.  I am quite fond of these designers.  I have done a few from them including this whole year series.  I had to adjust November and Septembers to fit in the little strip of wall I hang these.  I hang them just as you coming into the kitchen from my laundry room.  It makes me smile.
 A little needle roll.  I really liked doing these and I have a few Shepherds Bush kits for other seasons.
 The Sweetheart Tree bell pull.  This is another little strip of wall I have several bell pulls I interchange through the year.  Some are Homespun Elegance.

Finally, the last picture.  These were Prairie Schooler smalls.  The one with the Hand was one shops would give out.  Had to get the other one to match.  I just painted cheap frames blue to match.  These get hung on a small strip of wall between two doors.  
We had natural fireworks last night.  For a long time, we were between storms and there was lightening every where.  It was quite a show.  About an hour later, we had storms of our own that lasted a couple of hours.  We needed the rain but, it wasn't good for the sleep patterns.
I go and see the surgeon today for my six week check up.  I think I'm doing okay.  I will be anxious for it to start really feeling better.  I am getting tired to sitting on my butt.

Have a great Fourth!  Stay Cool!  Suppose to be 92 here tomorrow.  Thank heavens for AC!
Keep on stitching.

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  1. Love all your patriotic stitching! Your work is beautiful.