Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Quickie Before the Road Trip

I have a few minutes to kill so I thought I would zip off a quickie before the carriage arrives for the Road Trip!!!!

I took me a while to make these two decisions.  The first was I wasn't too sure about the Lizzie*Kate Mystery sampler.  When I saw a post after someone had finished the first part, I decided I would get it. I emailed Kendra at the Stitching Bee since I was there the day she was packing them up.  I should have peeked then.  She had the pattern and the fabric.  She is holding it for me and I will pick it up today.  Then I ordered the thread from 123 Stitch.  I often order from them.  Service is amazing!  I can't complain about some of the other places I order from.

 The thread came earlier in the week.  I also had gotten the JCS Halloween Issue and Prairie Schooler: Farmers Alphabet, Adam Named the Animals and Reindeer Roundup.  I saw at Edgar's Blacksheep's Bit of the Web and ornament he made using the Farmer's Alphabet I loved, so had to get it.
 Then, Lori at Not Forgotten Farm had dyed some 28 count linen.  I usually prefer 30 or 32 count so I didn't order any of the.  A short time later, she announced she was going to dye some 30 and 32 count.  I thought about it for a day and then pre-ordered some.  I recently opened a Paypal and I learned a lot from this experience.  The fabric came yesterday with a few sprigs of her homegrown lavandar.  What a treat.  It smelled divine. 
The pictures definitely don't do it justice.  It has an amazing amount of character.  My daughter even said, "That is a beautiful piece of linen."

Well, I best finish getting ready so I don't miss the boat.  I have my lists, maps and extra shopping bag ready to go.  May take the camera too so I have pics to post tomorrow other than stash.

Have a great day.  Thanks for stopping.  A BIG WELCOME to my new member.  Love to see you.  Thanks for the comments too!  Keep on stitching


  1. Hope you have a fun trip Monica!! And, yes 123 does an excellent FAST service.....That linen fron Notforgotten Farms is just heavenly~~

    Enjoy, Faye

  2. Those are some pretty thread colors for the LK Mystery Sampler! I've been very tempted by that linen. :) Hope you have a great trip!

  3. Enjoy your trip. Love 123 Stitch too. They have the greatest sales.