Thursday, July 19, 2012

Strawberry Hill Update

Welcome new members.  Thanks for all the wonderful comments.  Buster was especially pleased you mentioned him.  He wants you to know he has a blog.  (We are a weird family).  If you are interested here is the link to his blog, Totally Buster:  Totally Buster.  My daughter started this last year and everyone has become part of it.

Here is the update on Strawberry Hill.  I am nearly done with the top of the box.  I need to do one more group of leaves, a Quaker motif on the side and a little bit of grass.

 This really is going pretty fast.
I said I was done with the stitching for the Stitching Groups Christmas present.  I decided I didn't like something with the directions so I have decided to do some more stitching.  So, I am back to working on that.  Still can't show anything.

The Stitching group is planning a road trip this Saturday for some stash enhancement.  We have a stop planned for the Stitching Bee, Joanne's, Hobby Lobby and Arttie has been given the assignment of locating a quilt store.  Lunch is up for grabs at this point.  I'm sure there will be other stops.  I printed some coupons today for Younkers.  

The weather is typical this time of the year.  We were sweltering on Monday:  98 degrees and right now it is 65, and raining.  It is damp and kind of raw.  We get these days, which is often a welcomed reprieve from the heat.  Never fear, it is suppose to be 85 again tomorrow and 90 by Sunday.

I was going to post my TUSAL but, since no one has posted that I know of, I didn't want to be the first.  I will do it later or tomorrow.

Off to do my knee exercises.  Yesterday, he added two minutes standing, trying to balance on the surgical leg without holding on to anything.  Boy was that horrible.  Thanks for stopping.  Keep on stitching.


  1. Lovely stitching on Strawberry Hill! I wasn't sure about this design until I saw your stitching. Now I think I will need to order it. :) Enjoy your road trip - it sounds like a lot of fun! I'm glad to have found your blog!

  2. Strawberry Hill is looking lovely! Your road trip sounds like a lot of fun. Of course, stash enhancement is always fun!

  3. Love this. Can't wait to start. Soon as I finish our Sampler Guild project i am pulling this one out. Love the colours and the birds etc!! Will enojoy seeing yours completed.