Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Got Side Tracked by a Torturing Therapist

 I  think I have been making really good progress in my rehabilitation process.  It has been eight weeks since my total knee replacement.  I have been doing my home exercises twice a day and going to physical therapy three times a week.  I just last week was able to pedal all the way around on an exercise bike.  I now can go into my basement rec room and get on my recumbent exercise bike and do it for six minutes twice a day.  Do I

Friday's therapy was especially difficult.  I didn't take a pain pill like they tell me to because, I had to drive myself since my daughter the chauffeur wasn't feeling well.  I did everything and then some.  I iced my knee when I got home.  It was feeling okay.  I thought I would just try Tylenol at bed time since it was still feeling okay.  Let me tell you, at two o'clock in the morning, my left leg was so sore I couldn't stand it.  I remembered what I had done with three pound weights that day and figured that was the culprit.  The PT kept pushing me...WITH NO BREAKS!

So at two a.m. I started plotting.  I had to think of something to reward his efforts.  This is what I came up with:
 I used Weeks Works Bethlehem.  It is a varigated thread in blues, purples, red, pink, beige and green.  Kind of the colors one would see on a bruise.  In case you can't read the lettering:  The Taskmaster and under it is ouch.
 The fabric on the back side.   I made the cord out of DMC:  738, 791, 917 and 3362, attached with the 738, which was close to the color of the 32 count linen I used:  expresso
A little bit of a close up shot.  The border around it barbed wire I found at this website:  I did it in the Bethlehem and DMC 310 for that extra torture touch.

I think when I go to therapy tomorrow, if he isn't sitting at his desk, I'm just going to hang it from his bulletin board and remain anonymous. I wonder if he will think it was me.

I just want to welcome all the new people to my blog.  A BIG THANK YOU for the wonderful comments about my BBD finish.  Thanks for stopping by again.  
Keep on stitching.  


  1. How funny and unique. It is fun to design things.

  2. Great job on designing that piece for the "Taskmaster". :) I love the colors!