Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Now that my kids are going to be Sophmores in college, I think about when they were little.  And now that it is getting close to my birthday, I think about the homemade presents.  I thought I would blog about some of the truly great ones, the ones you hold dear and keep in special places to look at.  

I'm not sure what grade Ed was in when he made this book mark.  I think it may have been his alter-ego Ted.  It is laminated.  He was really proud that it was laminated.    I'm not sure he really wanted to give it to me but, he did.  It marks the popover recipe in my Fannie Farmer cookbook.  My favorite cookbook and a recipe that is a family favorite. 
He made the bean wreath in first grade.  I got it as a Christmas present and it hangs in the kitchen under the cabinet, near the coffee maker.  I can imagine his little hands making it.  It looks really good yet.  It has to be thirteen years old.  I hope it lasts a lot longer.  

 I came back from a Needle work convention and had made a scissors fob in a class.  Katy had to make one for me out of cotton cord and pony beads.  I put it on a pair of scissors I keep in the basket in the table next to my chair.  It comes in handy and I can always find it with looking just by feeling for the beaded fob. I might not be able to find any other scissors but, I can find this one.
 She made these stitch markers for me one year.  She had seen beaded ones in the Patternworks catalog and made some me some for Christmas. I was just as pleased at how they turned out as much as she.  I tried using them but, the ends of the wire snag on the yarn.  I thought now that she has gotten more adept at beading I would have her re-do them so I could use them.  I think I like them just the way they are.  They make me smile.
Last years Christmas present just to show you how much better she has gotten and this isn't the most ornate thing she has done.  She is quite the master of wire work.
Thanks for stopping.  And as always, I appreciate the comments.  Keep on stitching.


  1. What a great post - thank you for sharing, love the gifts - they must spark wonderful memories. Kids grow up so quickly

  2. There is nothing better than homemade memories!