Thursday, November 1, 2012

Autumn Splendor Finish and Mouse Aftermath

I don't know anyone would call Thursday my day off, "a day off."  It is far from it!  I think this is first time I have really sat down since I was in the dentist chair.  I did the weekly cleaning and started cleaning out more the lower cabinets since we got the mouse.  We continue to set the traps just in case and will for the next week.  I truly believe there was only one because Buster seems much calmer.  We found all the dog food in the drawer of the stove.  If mice weren't so icky, it would be really funny.  I have been taking things out of the cabinets:  baking dishes, mixing bowls, pans, tins, and cookie sheets...that kind of stuff.  Running them all through the dishwasher, then once the dishwasher is going, dashing off to the next errand.  I have been to the Dentist twice.   First, I messed up and forgot I need to take an antibiotic before dental work since I had my knee replaced.  My appointment was at 9 but got switched to noon because of the antibiotic thing.  Second, was going back to have my teeth cleaned and finding out I need a cap.  I did know that was coming for the last 17 years when I had a root canal done.  I also went to the grocery store and a place to get Bob a birthday present.  It is his birthday on Sunday.  Later, this afternoon I took my mom to a doctor's appointment.  Back home again to clean some more.  

Now on to the good stuff.  I finished the small from Autumn Splendor.  I did the pin keep.  I must have a thing for pin keep/pin cushions.  I should blanket stitch around the felt coins but, don't think I will.  

I painted the pencil box with brown paint and finished it with Briwax.  The stain from the Briwax gets into the grain and makes it look really good.  It also gives it a beautiful sheen.  
 I had some dyed chenille I glued around the edge.  My camera was running out of battery so , I wanted to get the pictures taken.  I backed the laced back of the stitching with another piece of cardboard.  It had adhesive on it so I stuck it to the back of the laced on stitched piece.  I had adhesive velcro and stuck two pieces of hook on the box and two pieces of the loop on the back of the piece.  I had placed the loop to the hook, then peeled off the paper before placing the stitched piece on the loop's adhesive.  Doing it that way insures that the pieces line up.  I hope I explained it well enough.  There is a gap if you look at it from the side but, then I can interchange to stitched top when I feel like it.
Here are the two pieces together.  I really don't understand why the top two pictures are orangish. I took them within minutes of each other and in the same light and conditions.
Now, I'm just finishing up the Rotted But Not Forgotted from the JCS Halloween Ornament.  That was the one I really wanted to do.  I have been on a smalls kick lately and don't see it ending anytime soon.
 Thanks for stopping!  Welcome new members. I'm glad you have joined me.  Thanks for all the great comments.  If you haven't read it check out the little story from Melissa:   Here.  It is really funny.  Thanks Melissa!
 Keep on Stitching!


  1. Your finishes look great!! Hope the mice are gone for good!

  2. I love the way you finished these pieces, especially the box. Being able to switch out the tops is genius :) What a nice set - great job!