Thursday, November 29, 2012

Finishing Supplies Came!

I ordered some supplies from Country Stitches, Brenda Gervais' shop.  I got the ticking for With Thy Needle and Thread House of Blues and Browns.  I got brown ticking and blue ticking.  I think the pattern calls for the blue but, I'm sure I will find uses for the brown ticking.  

 I also got some mother of pearl buttons, stars and hearts.  I think I will find multiple uses for this too.

 And, then I thought I could use the walnut ink crystals to dye fabric.  I think the House of Blues and Browns calls to dye the piece when you are done.
Since, I have started following blogs and blogging, I have been inspired by some of the fantastic finishes people are doing.  I was amazed when I went to the retreat how many of the ladies were intriqued that I finish my own pieces.  They were in awe (for lack of a better word) I knew how to sew.  My mother made me take summer school the summer between 8th grade and Freshman year to learn how to sew and type.  It was most wise of her but, at the time I thought it was most annoying.  She said, "You need to learn how to sew.  You'll always be able sew clothes or things for the house.  And, I'm not typing your term papers."  Both skills have served me well.  It is so much easier to blog since I know how to type.  It has become cheaper to buy clothes than to sew them.   I also think, I probably remember how to do a flatfeld seam.  That's the name of the seam on the side of Levis.  That would be a good trivia questions.

The next part is for my family but, the rest of you can read on.  My cross stitch wish list in case anyone is looking for something for Christmas.
Plum Street Samplers:  Gobble  and  Give  the threads are listed with the patterns
Stacy Nash Primitives:  Christmas at Hollyberry Farm.  This one is brand new and a stunner!
With Thy Needle and Thread:  Francis Poole Reproduction Sampler.  This is brand new too.  There are threads to stitch with too.
A guy can always use 32 count Lambswool Linen or 40 ct. Vintage Light Examplar Linen.  or 35 count R & R Reproduction Linen - Mink.
Prairie Schooler: Prairie Stars or Pins and Needles  or Prairies Year Round 

That should give you something to ponder.

Welcome new members!  I'm so glad you joined.  I awfully glad everyone stops by for a peak.  I always enjoy the comments.

Keep on stitching.


  1. Great supplies. I really love some of her designs! Good idea to give your family a list!

  2. Hello Monica,

    Love the idea of letting your family know what you really want for Christmas, hope you get all of them!!!

    Happy days.

  3. Brenda and Stacy seem to know how to capture my stitching attention and drain my wallet! lol! I always say I will stop buying anything new (until I finish what I have)... and then they release more beautiful designs! Yes.... Holly Berry Farm is most definitely a stunner! I keep going back to Stacy's blog and gazing at it... *sigh* And, I've been anticipating Francis Poole since Brenda first blogged about it in the beginning of the year? Some say I'm nuts... but I am having FUN! ;-)

  4. How cute buttons!Pretty new stash!
    Your wish list for Xmas is a great idea! The new design by Stacy Nash is so gorgeous!!! ;)

    Nice weekend. Hugs x

  5. Those are lovely fabrics and buttons! I find people are in awe of my finishing skills too. I just keep telling them you have to do it and the more you do finishing the better it gets!

    I took touch typing in High School, one of the most valuable courses I've ever taken!