Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Not Much on the Tube, So I'm Blogging

I think I have hit the saturation point with politics.  I don't believe I can watch election returns all night.  I may tune in periodically.  I should be cleaning up stitching stuff but, decided to blog a little.  I don't have much to show.  It is just giving me something to do.  
 Working on the second Acorn.  I don't think I'm going to finish them as the pattern shows.  I did with the one I did for the exchange and it turned out cute but, not as welll as I would have liked.
I did order some things from Notforgotten Farms since she released her new patterns.  Check out S. Claus Maker of Good things on her Etsy Shop Here.  While I was noodling around on her Etsy I really liked Homeplace for Christmas. I ordered that one too since I didn't have to pay extra postage.

I also really like the teaser on Plum Street Samplers of Paula's latest.  You can see the teaser Here. I will have to get that one when it is published.  It looks like the colors are the ones I gravitate towards.

Finally, Mouse update.  I keep thinking I will find the nest.  All the mouse experts, claim the nest isn't far from the food source.  Since, it had stuffed all the dog food in the stove drawer I figured the nest would be somewhere in the kitchen.  I suspected under the sink behind a tub that has cleaning supplies it in.  I was a little apprehensive about checking...no nest.  Who the heck knows where it is.

We have had snow flurries for sometime today.  Everyone is grousing about that.
Thanks for all the great comments.  If you do make the dumpling, let me know what you think.
Hope you got out to vote.  I was at the polling place when it opened this morning.
Have a great tomorrow!  Hope we don't have any hanging chad issues with this election.
Keep on Stitching

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  1. Monica, this is so funny , I have been blogging for the same reason!! I like the WIPS and I have been thinking of doing Home place for Christmas. it is full of my favorite colors.