Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Finished Do Not Worry and ready for a new start.

You think I have nothing better to do than blog.  Mostly I don't.  Between stitching and blogging I am maintaining sanity.  If I stand too long, my knee swells, then it itches and then it gets stiff.  Oh wah!  I finished Do Not Worry.  I made some mistakes but, covered them up.  You should have mistakes in your work since God is the only one who can create something perfect.  If I don't stitch, blog and do my home exercise program, I may be compelled to order some Lipozene.  That could be a disaster.

Here is the finished pictures of Do Not Worry.  I had to change the year on the pattern.  Now I just have to get a frame.  I don't know where I will put it just yet.  That is always the dilemma.   

 The close up of the little bird.
 I am just cruising through stuff right now.  I figured I have time to finish this Prairie Schooler before the Fourth.  I need to get out some of the 4th of July things and move pieces around.  I have all the thread and the fabric so I am good to go.  My daughter really likes the lobster on the smaller piece.  As always I just like the whole thing because I am a Prairie Schooler junkie.  I may have to do a post about that in the future.
Hope you are staying cool.  It is pretty warm here but, suppose to cool down after this front moves through.  Thankfully we have gotten some rain.  We could use more.  
Thanks for stopping.  
Keep on stitching!


  1. Looks great!love the little bird!I'm sloshing through stitching at the moment too, with uni finished and job hunting not being successful all there is to do is stitch and blog!looking forward to seeing your new start :-)

  2. Thanks for popping by. I think the little bird is charming. My daughter will be starting her second year at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse and has a summer job that will make her appreciate a "real job". Good luck with the job hunt. Are you done studying or do you have more to go? Stay tuned since my life right now is primarily based from my recliner, I will be posting again soon.