Monday, June 18, 2012

Do Not Worry Update

I have been working very diligently on Do Not Worry.  Before I took the blog pictures, I wanted to finish the robin's beak.  I really don't stitch all that much.  Today I only stitched about an hour.  We had gotten movies from the video store, streaming Net Flix really doesn't have many "NEW" releases.  We got The Woman in Black.  If you like spooky movies, this one is for you.  It made me jump several times and that's hard to do.  Back to the topic.  I hope that I will be done with this soon and be able to move on to something new.  Other than therapy, right now that is the high light of my day.  
Close up of Do Not Worry.  I really think this is turning out terrific with the over dye thread.  Below, it is the angle shot trying to get artsy fartsy like the big guys.

While we were eating dinner tonight, we had all kinds of action at the bird feeders.  I think we had a pair of Scarlet Tangers.  The bird's head was red and it wasn't a cardinal or a wood pecker.  And then there were two pairs of gold finches were eating the seeds from this plant.  It is a Corn Flower.  It is amazing how light those birds must be because the stems don't bend down. 

Then I walked around a little more and took a few more pictures of what is blooming in the backyard.  I have three different roses in the backyard.  I really don't know what kind this is.  I had gotten it from my mother-in-law a few years ago.  These only bloom for about a month.  They will hold up a few days after being cut.  And they do have a little scent.  We had torrential downpours this afternoon so everything is still quite wet.  

  This rose bush have kind of taken over the area where the Coral Bells were planted.  In the fall or early next spring, I am going to move the Coral Bells some where, don't know where yet.  We are talking about another raised bed next to the shed.  That may be a good spot.  

 The red rose is a ground rose and this will bloom all summer.  It is the rose next to the poppy and really took off once I moved the poppy next to it.  It loves the shade from the poppy and has really thrived since they became neighbors.
 I have two of these bushes, Virginia Roses.  They grow like nuts and my husband is hell bent on trimming them to the ground.  Some day I may take to the pruners to him (LOL).  People have stopped me from watering to find out about them.  I have given many babies away.  Some years they are a mass of pink roses.  Too bad they don't bloom longer than they do.
Thanks for checking up on me.  Haven't caused too much trouble yet.  I am starting to get antsy.  I may just make a trip to Walmart on Thursday to get out of the house.
Keep on stitching.

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