Friday, June 15, 2012

Concrete Legos and Project Updates

It seems like it has been a busy week around here even though it doesn't seem like I have accomplished much.  The road construction is noisy and dirty.  We can't leave too many windows open.  It is kind of interesting but, it isn't right.  They a suppose to have cut down the hill since is the second highest intersection for accidents.  Your view is impeded by the hill.  And, there is a retaining wall being built at the south end of our yard.  The retaining wall is five feet at the highest point.  This is an accident waiting to happen, with a kid falling off of it or a great place for graffiti.  The blocks are interesting. They have got to be two to three feet by four feet and look like giant concrete legos.  I think they are too big for a residential area.  What do I know, I'm not an engineer.  I do know that what I see looks pretty bad.  I should have posted a picture of that.  The DH is on the war path.  
 On a brighter note....the peonies are in full swing.  Katy picked some and brought them in for me to enjoy.  I think we had a bigger crop last year.  I love peonies.  I wish there would last longer.  I think my favorite is the lighter pink one.  The pink gets darker as it gets closer to the center of the flower.
 The pictures really don't do them justice.  Maybe someday I will invest in a better camera.
 The darker pink one is a little on the down slide but, still pretty.
 I did get out and about yesterday with Katy and did a few small errands.  We went to the bank, and Twisted Sisters the bead store.  They had just returned from the Bead Show and had all kinds of new stuff.  It was very exciting  I picked up a few small things for additional Christmas be disclosed later.  I will have to post about the other things I got...multi colored beads and some silver beads.  We ended our rounds at Pet Supply to pick up dog food for the super Shih Tzu.  He had a trip to the groomers earlier in the week.  We have tried a new groomer and it has been a match made in heaven.  Notice the groovy bandana she put on him.  Very Psychadelic.  Anyway, he was due for a new toy and he does like to play tug-a-war.  A loofah seemed to fit the bill.  He decided to take a little siesta with Loofah Louie.
 I am finishing cross stitch things.  I did finish all the cross stitching on my sister's birthday present.  I need to put it together.  I won't be able to post about that until she gets it since she is a member of my blog and I don't want to ruin the suprise.  I am hoping it comes out looking good.  Finishing is not always my forte.  I have a hard time with corners.

I have been working on Silver Creek Samplers Do Not Worry and that is going fast.  This one I will most likely frame.

Therapy is going good.  I hit a 106 degrees of knee flexion (bending).  I need to ask them what they are shooting for.  I was told that once I get to 110 I will be getting on a stationary bike....oh joy!

Kind of rainy and dreary this morning.  Suppose to be a rainy weekend...I guess I will just have to stitch.

Thanks for stopping.  Keep on stitching!

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  1. Hi Monica! Your peonies are such beautiful, vibrant shades of pink. You are lucky to be able to enjoy them while they last. You are making excellent progress on Do Not Worry - it will be finished before you know it :)