Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blogging was Nearly Impossible

We were in the middle of Halloween Trick-or-Treat and dinner, when we lost power.  The whole area lost power for several square blocks.  Try and check out on the good ole cell phone internet, and get no answers why.  Got the ole boom box and loaded it up with batteries and tune in the local radio station, still no answers why.  I got out my Old Brooklyn Lantern.  The kids and husband laughed at me when I got that.    Fortunately, the power just went back on so, crisis averted.

I got my order from 123Stitch.  OMG, those people are speedy!
I got the new DMC colors.  
Very nice!
 The latest BBD Loose Feathers.  
This looks like it will be a very fun stitch.  
 Here are the colors I was missing for the next couple of projects.  
Some gorgeous thread.  
 I was down to my last two needles.  
At first I wasn't so sure I liked these needles but, the more I work with them, the more I like them.
They do kind of bend easy until you get use to them.  
They do glide exceptionally nice.  
I think 28's are my favorite.  

 I finished Beggar's Night.
I got the ric rac stitched to the stitched side and then sewed on the back.  
Can't really see the ric rac well but, take my word for it, it turned out nice.
 It was amazing that the ric rac from the Victorian Sampler and Motto Shoppe perfectly matched the backing fabric I picked out.
I made into a pin keep.  
I think it turned out rather cute.  
Monday's Bob's birthday.
We are going to have the family over for a nice luncheon (on of my mom's favortite discriptors.)

I am really looking forward to it.
We are down an OT at work.  Things are going okay but busy.  I usually don't work on Thursday but, since she is gone, I have been working more.  It has been very busy.  I have bee working some very long days and working on Thursdays.  Today, I had three new clients on my schedule plus some of my regulars.  Just before I got there, Information System shut down our documentation  for maintenance.  It didn't go back up until I was done seeing everybody.  
I ended up working another hour and half just to get the paper work done....UGH!!!

While in the production of this blog the power company just called with automated message to check if our power was on (press one), it was equipment failure and 1,236 customer were out of power...that was alot...we live in a small that was about 10%.  

Thats about all for now.  
Pretty exciting evening!  
Have a great weekend
Keep on Stitching


  1. Sorry about the power outage:(
    Love the finish, this is one of my favorite designs of this year. Wonderful new stash!!

  2. Sweet finish! Glad you got your power back!

  3. Glad your power was restored fairly quickly. Had to laugh at the small town comment. I live in the country and the small town I am near is about 480 people....gave me a chuckle when you described small town.

  4. Glad you got your power back quickly.
    Your finishing of Jeffers Night is lovely and you got some great stash