Sunday, October 20, 2013

Picked Up Some New Things

I saw this pattern on another blog and fell in love with it.
It is from an old Better Homes and Gardens Christmas book.  
I found a copy on Amazon for 22 cents....your heard it right, 22 cents.  
The postage was more.  
I had some of the floss and picked up the rest at The Stitching Bee.  

 The colors aren't exactly what I would call "Christmas".  
It is quite beautiful!
 Its always dangerous to go to a Cross Stitch shop.
You always walk out with way more than what was intended.  
This one caught my eye.  
I picked up much of the floss for this but, will need to order what she didn't have.
 I saw this online and really liked it.  
I saw it on Saturday and into the pile it went. 
 I really like Homespun Elegance's Santas and this is this years annual.  
 I wanted to see the Autumn at Notfogotten Farm before I decided I wanted it or not.  
I decided that it did need to come home with me and become part of my collection.  
I finished my latest installment of PSS Mary Sampler.  
I may have to print up the final installment of the alternate pattern because that one is very cute too.  

 I took this along with me yesterday to work on while Bob shopped at the new Green Bay Cabelas.
There were some very comfortable chairs by a fire place that worked perfect to sit and stitch in.  
I really don't mind hanging out and letting him wander around.  
I really don't like to have to follow him and look at every little thing.  
This works out perfect.  
I'm always looking for good soup recipes and I think I found a keeper.  
Williams Sonoma Italian Wedding Soup Here
I had some No Name Meatballs in the freezer and I used those instead of making them.  
I also used plan ole Parmesan cheese instead of the Parmesan-Reggiano.  That was $12 a wedge and more than I wanted to spend.  
With those minor alterations it still turned out phenomenal.  

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  
Its going to be a very cold, rainy week here but, I have lots of new things to work on to keep me warm!
Keep on Stitching


  1. Lots of great stitching and wonderful stash!

  2. Lovely new stash, and great stitching. What a catch on that book!

  3. Great stashing! I've been meaning to stitch that BHG Christmas piece but haven't gotten around to it yet.

  4. Great new stash & your projects are looking lovely

  5. Love the new stash.

    I got lori's new book too. I love all the projects.

    Have fun stitching!