Sunday, October 13, 2013

Some Sort of Finishes

Holy Toledo!  It's Sunday night already.  UGH!
Had family over for dinner so worked on that off and on all day.  
Made a ham and cheesy potatoes, squash and a pumpkin dump cake.  
I am stuffed and in a stupor.  
Must post the blog....
Sort of some finishes.
It is one the board and in a frame just for the picture.  
The frame is a pre-made 8x10 from Michaels and a pretty good fit.
I will be lacing up the back.  
I might stitch instead tonight.  
 The reverse side of BBD Bittwersweet September.  
It is stitched and needs to be turned right side out, stuffed and the opening stitched up. 
There is hand dyed ric rac that needs to be couched on.  
Nice neat back, if I must say myself.
 I started Threadwork Primitives Beggars night.  
I had seen it on another blog the conversion to overdyes.  
I am doing it in the overdyes.  
 I zipped off part III of the Mary Sampler from Plum Street Samplers.  
How cute are those sheep.  
I am such a sucker for sheep.  
It was a most enjoyable weekend.
As you can see, I did get some stitching in along with a pile of chores.  
I'm sure it is going to be a busy week.  
Thank you for the lovely comments.  
I do so look forward to hearing from you. 
Have a wonderful week!
Keep on Stitching


  1. Sounds like a great time with family. The frame is just perfect!

  2. What a great frame for that piece! And lovely stitching :-)

  3. Beautiful stitches! I'm thinking premade frames are the way to go... they look wonderful and are a fraction of the price of custom framing... i keep forgetting about the Mary sampler...

  4. Wow! Your Barbara Anna piece looks great in the frame. I love the BBD finish too. Great progress on the SAL and on Beggar's Night too.
    Sounds like dinner was delish!
    Have a great week!

  5. Great finishes and wips! Ooohhh.....dinner sounds good!