Sunday, October 6, 2013

Autumn Colors

It could very well be peak weekend for colors in the area.
The red Maples are the first to turn the the first to leave.
They are my favorite.  
I wish the color would last longer.  
This is the Japanese Maple in our back yard.
 I love these Maples just a couple of blocks over.  
Unfortunately, they are losing their leaves already.  
 This looked better in person.  
There are a lot of pines mixed in with the hardwoods.  
 A waterfall at a roadside park.
We had some rain the last couple of days so there is water.
During dry summers it is just a trickle at best.  
 The Burning Bush at my Mom's.
The one in our front yard is only about 20% red.  
It is still mostly green.  
I have been busy messing with apples and am nearly done.  
I reorganized the freezer and had an open shelf/  
I decided to freeze them instead.  
I found a website that explained how to do it.  
Once I peel, core, and cut them, you throw them in salt water for a few minutes.  
I have frozen five bags of sliced apples that will make pies and 10 bags of chopped apples for muffins.
I have a whole drawer in the refrigerator of fresh apples.
A few more made it to the deer bait bag.  

The latest picture of Bittersweet September.  
It is moving quite fast.  
 I have started Plum Street Samplers:  Mystery Sampler.
Picture of Part I.  
 A little Mary and Joseph.  
Part II is done.  
These parts are very quick and small.
I have a small basket of apples I can do more with but, I'm losing steam. 
Took time out to go to the movies yesterday and saw Gravity.
I'm not all that crazy about 3D movies but, did see this one in 3D.
It was really good. 
If you see it, see it in 3D. 

Have a busy week coming up. 
Hope you had a fun weekend and have a wonderful week.
Keep on stitching.  


  1. Your bittersweet September is so petty. I have the pattern to start the Mary Sampler. Hopefully this week! Beautiful fall scenery.

  2. Very nice stitching on both projects :-)

  3. I just completed week 2 of my Mary's Sampler this morning. Am enjoying it as well. Really like your bittersweet sampler too.