Thursday, October 24, 2013

So Much Thread But Not the Right One

I was getting some projects ready to start once I'm done with my current project.
How can I have so much thread and not the right one?  
I have piles of thread.  
I have four floss boxes of DMC wound on bobbins.
I have a huge Rubber Maid box (probably the size of 3 shoe boxes) full of skeins of DMC
Plus all the little boxes for projects like the LHN Sheep.  
I have 5 photo boxes of overdyes.
I just ordered about 12 colors and the new DMC colors from 123stitch
And not one stickin couple of strands of Pecan Pie.
I will just use something else that's close.
Doesn't that just drive you nuts!?
It drives me nuts!

On to the latest pic of Beggar's Night.  
I thought I'd have the bird done but, I got busy doing other things.
I sent a goody box to Katy at school.  
She isn't as close as Ed where she can come home for a weekend or we can do a day trip.
I think I will have this finished by the weekend.
I think I may make it into a pinkeep with a hanger on it.
It isn't that big.  
As always, I'm glad tomorrow is Friday.
I have a really busy day and I doubt I will be home before 6.

Have a great weekend.  
Expect and update.  
Keep on Stitching


  1. Beggar's Night is looking great!

  2. I fear that some of use share your problem Monica. There's just soooo much floss! It is great however when you realize you actually have thread that you didn't :)

  3. Exactly!! We have these hoards of floss but are always missing at least one needed color. AARGH! Lovely stitching progress!

  4. Beggars night is looking lovely, great progress

  5. I too hate it when that happens. I have a ton of threads and yet before starting the piece I'm now working on, I had to go out and pick up more threads! I love the piece you're working on. Love the bird and the colors. I'll be watching for a finish!