Thursday, October 3, 2013

Apples Galore

We harvested the apples on Sunday when we got home.
We were getting a little nervous that deer would jump the fence and eat them.
We have picked up about two five gallon buckets as they dropped.
Bob will use them for deer bait. 
I had taken these pictures a little earlier.
 Have no idea what kinds of apples they are but, they are tasty. 
I brought a basket of the larger ones to work to share.  
They were a hit and everyone was amazed how big they are.  

We gave apples away to our neighbor and Bob's mom.  
I think they will be using them for applesauce.  
This is the largest laundry basket I have.  
 Since we have so many, I hate to have them go to waste. 
We don't have a large freezer so, I figured I could can them
I got a bunch of stuff for that:  a case of quart jars, funnel, lifter, a cookbook, a bottle of fruit fresh and a rack.  
I figured I have a really large stock pot the rack would fit in.

 Guess again....
It doesn't.
I went back to K-mart to buy the right size pot.
It was $82.99.
I'm not sure I will like canning.
I didn't buy it. 
I saw another kit that from Ball that came with three pint jars and a basket you can lower in to the pot.  It doesn't hold three quarts.
I also got splatter screens that I thought I could cut the handles off and that would fit on the bottom of my stock pot.  
I should just let Bob use all the apples for his bait pile.  

I did make applesauce today to have with the pork chops for dinner.  
It was very tasty!
 Update on my BBD Bittersweet September.
I have started on the house.  
I survived the over one alphabet.  

To wrap things up, have you seen the freebie on Plum Street Samplers?  
I just got my thread and fabric together.  
I can't find my Portabella and Piney Woods so I substituted Aged Pewter and Dried Thyme.
I think that should work.  

Hooray tomorrow is friday.
I am so ready for the weekend.

Thanks for the great comments!
I love hearing from you. 
Have a great weekend and get some stitching time in.  
Keep on stitching

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