Sunday, September 29, 2013

Chris and Gary

We went to Door County this weekend, a belated 25th Wedding Aniversary trip.  
We stayed in Ephraim on of the small, scenic towns. 
We got there on Friday.   
Lake Michigan is down so it is a little mucky at the hotel's dock but, it was still pretty.  
 Bob with the town in the background.  
 More of the town.  There are several little scenic towns:  Fish Creek, Egg Harbor
and Sister Bay are the main ones.  Bailey's Harbor is on the lake side.  
 We stayed at the Evergreen Beach Waterfront Resort.
We were in the south lodge and had the whole second floor once everybody got there.  

The shuffle board court in the front.  Didn't get around to playing.   
 Bob tried to get my friends and their husbands to join us a secret.  
There were a few things that gave it away. 
I read too many mystery novels that it takes a lot to trick me.  
We had gone shopping Saturday morning and a winery tour.  
Every body started trickling in.  
We got back to the hotel and had some wine and snack on the deck before dinner. 
This is the same group of friends from "girls weekend".  
Went to a great restaurant for dinner.  
Sylvia, our waitress took the picture.  

 Breakfast this morning at a Door County institution, Al Johnson's.  
The roof is grass and there are goats grazing.  
There is a   GOAT CAM
 This is was peeking over the edge.  
 I had Swedish Pancakes with cherries and bacon.  
It was awesome. 
They had swedish meatballs for breakfast too.  
 Here is where Chris and Gary come in.  
At the girls weekend, we stopped in a store that had some resale things.
We saw some silver champagne glasses with the name Chris and Gary on them.
That lead to all kinds of speculation.
On the way home, Mary Beth, Jan and Mickey (they carpooled) hatched a plan.
They had already been contacted by Bob about the Door County Weekend.  
They decided it would be a hoot to get the glasses.  
We didn't buy them then but, Mary Beth's sister-in-law was there the following weekend.  
She picked them up and it became the center piece in a lovely gift basket.
Mary Beth's husband didn't get it at first but, the glasses were silver.
It was Kismet!  
Started my latest Ladies Prim Society offering:  BBD Bittersweet September.
The letters are over one.  
Better have good light!
Before we left, the mail came and brought the most delightful package from Sharon of Moosecraft Blog.
Look how cute?

What a great surprise.
I didn't think that she would include the fabric for the Stacy Nash project.
The pumpkin pin keep is just so sweet!

It was just a great weekend.  
What a shame they always go too fast.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  
Have an amazing week.

Thanks for the great comments
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  1. I love Door County. We stayed there for a week several years ago.

  2. Congratulations on 25 years! What a wonderful place to celebrate. Great new start on the BBD piece...over 1 thanks for the heads up. What a lovely package in the mail :)

  3. A pretty place to celebrate! The goats on the roof are a hoot! Your BBD piece is stitching up beautifully! So glad you are enjoying your goodies!

  4. Just got back a few weeks ago from our latest trip to the Door. Truly one of my favorite places in the world! Sounds like you had a great time, but it is hard to have a bad time while you are there!

  5. Sounds like you all had a lovely weekend. Happy Anniversary!