Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July...A Day Late

Hope Everyone had a great 4th of July!
I did, I stitched!
I took a break from the Chessie and Me to work on these.
 I picked up a copy of Cross Stitch and Needlework  for the above star.  
 Then you could go online and download the companion.  
I stitched them in Weeks Gold and Brick.  
A very quick stitch.  I did one in about an hour.  
 I still had time then to to the machine sewing on them and the Threadworks Primitives I just finished.  
 I used the same homespun plaid, hand dyed ric rac and mother of pearl buttons I had ordered from Brenda Gervais' online store to jazz them up just a bit.  I comtemplated using the rough side of the button.  
 I think they turned out rather adorbs.  

 The table runner is one my mom made me a while ago.  It was a thangles pattern.  

 There are sitting in my little Longerberger basket.  
Worked on some paint swatches today to see what color I want to paint a box.  I really need to finish the Strawberry Hill sewing set.  I think I plan to leave the box then on my sewing table to keep pins, needles and scissors in.  I will have to Briwax later to see what color looks the best with the wax and next to the stitched pieces.  I did them on tongue depressors.  Should be interesting.

I worked on switching things over to Bloglovin'.  I still can't figure out how to get the button to work, really just to get it on my blog.  I think that Blogspot just doesn't want to cooperate with me at times.  If anyone has any helpful hints....please pass them on.  Must be having a "Duh"  moment.

I really need a weekend that is quiet.  I have a busy week ahead at work since one of the therapists will be on vacation and I need to pick up some extra work.  Thinks have been so busy, I have not really had much time for stitching.  I have fallen behind on my LHN Virtues.  I got the latest Simplicity and was surprised to get it.  That's when you know you are way too busy when stash catches you by surprise.

Have a great weekend.
Keep on Stitching.


  1. Monica, when you're on the Bloglovin page, click on the blue heart drop down, and you'll see "Bloglovin Button" in the third box down. Click on "Get this icon" and then put in the address to your blog. Bloglovin will automatically put the button onto your blog.

  2. Hi,
    Love all of your adorable Americana finishes ~ how cute!!
    I am a huge Americana fan and my whole living room is decorated w/it.


  3. Such cute finishes! They are absolutely adorbs! I am confused by bloglovin too, I am worse as I dont even know what its all about!