Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bob and Monica's Most Excellent Adventure

We sort of live in the wilds of the Upper Peninsula of  Michigan... The U.P.  We have a Walmart, a JC Penney's a public library etc.  It is about 15,000.  You get a little way out and you are in the "Country" or "Woods."  You never know what you are going to find once you start driving out.

Yesterday, Bob said, "Let's go to Goodman (WI)."  There really isn't a whole heck of a lot in Goodman.  The biggest employer is Goodman Veneer and Lumber.  They make hardwood veneer.  There is a really good "junk" store in an old ranger station.  I went there last fall and found some treasures.  We stopped yesterday and I spent $15 and got some dandies!

I found a Longaberger basket that is very sweet.  I wouldn't have paid for what it was new but, I got it for $4.50.  I couldn't pass it up.  It was in pristine shape.  I think I could but some pin keeps in it no problem.

 I'm always now on the look out for things that I could put stitching on.  I down loaded a freebie not too long ago from Lori at Notforgotten Farm that may just fit around this.  This is something new, but "Made in China."  I wouldn't feel too bad covering this with a bit of stitching.
I am always now looking for CHEAP, tin stars.  I wasn't disappointment.  I spotted a rather large one yesterday and it was $5.  I don't ever want to spend more than $5 on a star.  I am just having Bob put them up on the shed.  
I had bought some more stars last fall but, hadn't hung them yet.  We got them all up to follow.  We drove around Goodman's downtown, which takes a minute. We were getting a little peckish so, decided we needed to find some lunch.  On to Richard's Supper Club in Dunbar, WI.   I'm not exactly sure what a Supper Club is but, it is something quite popular in Northern Wisconsin and the U.P.  I had a BLT and the most amazing homemade potato chips made fresh.  

After lunch we continued on our way and saw the sign for 12 foot falls.  We drove a few miles down a really bad gravel road.  The signs changed to 18 foot falls.  How did that happen?  We were going to go and look but were deterred.  

Need I say more. 
As we were leaving to head back to the highway, we saw signs for an art show.  We decided to stop.  I wish I had taken more pictures.  The art was mostly photography, metal art and concrete leaves.  The metal sculptures were things like giant dragon flies and other whimsical things.  A sun caught my eye and figured it might go well with the stars.  I got one and we hung it on the shed.   The artist's name is David Heritsch.  He had been a Sports Illustrated Photographer.  Now rusty metal.  In my next life.... 
He makes me smile!
The start of the collection.

 I hope to find more of the celestial things to plunk on the shed.  I think it will look cool.  We did head home after we went to the art show.  That was really fun.  It was a majorily fun day.  Got home and needed a nap.
I finished my Primitive Threads.  Now I have to "finish" it.  I have been working on things this weekend as part of the finishing process. 

I will post when I get them done.  
Hope you had an adventurous weekend!
Thanks for the wonderful comments.  Katy was reading them all today and said, "You have the nicest people following your blog."  
Have a great week.  
Keep on stitching


  1. Sounds like a fun day! Your finish is sweet!

  2. Oooh, I love the U.P.! We spent a week in Grand Marais in a cabin on the lake about 10 years ago. My son was disappointed he didn't get to see any bears! :-)

    Your stitching is pretty! And I love junk/thrift stores!!

  3. Great post! Love the stars and the rusty metal. (And the UP)

    I scored 2 rusty oil cans at a garage sale this weekend for $1 apiece. Only stitchers can understand my excitement :)

  4. Excellent burgain and nice stitching.:)

  5. Great bargains & your stitching is looking lovely

  6. What a great adventure. I live in Wisconsin. Supper clubs are great! There is a documentary about Wisconsin supper clubs that you should try to see. It explains it all. My husband and I bought the companion book and are trying to hit every one in the book. Believe me they are wonderful.

    I love reading about your "adventures"