Sunday, August 5, 2012

Crazy Danger

We had the opportunity to get the bear rug hung in the living room.  We had enough people home to do it because it is tricky.  We have an open stairway to the basement and a big open wall.  We had a picture hanging on the wall.  It is a crazy dangerous way of doing it but, we haven't found a better way yet.  Me, Katy and Ryan her BF, kind of a cool picture.  
 We have to put 2x4 boards between the rails and then there is a lip across the stairs where the other end goes.  We have to stand on the boards so they don't move while Bob and Ed walk and stand on them to hang the rug.
 Isn't this just an accident waiting to happen.
 Bob isn't exactly tall enough to tack in the leg.  So at first he was going to stand on a bucket just on the 2x4's.  Saner heads prevailed and I suggested a piece of ply wood across and a small stool that was considerably more steady than a plastic bucket.
 Bob and the finished product.  It really does look cool.
 Final shot of the bear.
I have started on the pin keep for Strawberry Hill Sampler.  I know it is kind of wrinkly.  I'll iron when I'm ready to finish it off.
 I turned it and it looks a little less shadowy.
I won't be posting for a few days.  My daughter is having a metal rod removed from under her rib cage.  She had it put in two years ago to push the rib cage and sternum out.  She had a condition called Pectus Excavatum where the sternum or breast bone is sunk it, sometimes called funnel chest.  She had A LOT of pain associated with it therefore, we decided to pursue this surgical correction.  We had been down all the avenues.  The bar usually stays in for three years but, around Thanksgiving she felt it moved.  She is old enough and skeletally mature enough, the surgeon felt it was safe to come out.  The surgery is much less extensive than putting it in.  She may not need to but, we will probably ask for her to stay overnight since the children's hospital is 200 miles away.  The recovery will be much less than the initial surgery.  Keep us in your prayers, nonetheless.
Thanks again for stopping, joining and all the wonderful comments.  It keeps me blogging.

Keep on stitching.


  1. Beautiful Bear !! Your daughter is in my prayers. Your stitching is looking so pretty. I have that chart.. After seeing your work. I want to start mine.. lol

  2. Strength and Prayers to your family.... So love the bear, thank you for sharing.

  3. The bear looks gorgeous! Your family has ways of doing things that are very similar to my's whatever works, not always whatever is safest, lol. Prayers for a smooth procedure for your daughter and peace & comfort for all involved. Be blessed! :)

  4. Love the bear rug and glad no one was hurt in the hanging. :) Nice start on the pin keep! Sending prayers for your family!

  5. I'm a bit behind on my blog reading, but I hope your daughter's surgery went well and she has a quick recovery. Your Strawberry Hill sampler is looking gorgeous, I really love the colors.

  6. So glad the hanging went safely!! It looks great and I am sure it is even better in person!
    Lovely stitches - such a sweet project.
    Best wishes for your daughter!!!