Tuesday, August 14, 2012

No Stitching Pictures...What's Up with That

I still don't have any pictures of stitching to show you since it is sort of on the Q-T for now.  I may do some of the Mystery sampler so I have something to show by the next time I post.  I do have pictures of my purchase on Girls Weekend.  Last year we put a shed in the backyard.  I thought it needed some decoration on it since it is just brown.  I thought about buying some stars and may still do to put on the side wall since its a big wall.  I found this sun in a shop in Lakewood...and better yet IT WAS ON SALE!  I thought he would look lovely next to the door of the shed.  That's where Bob hung him and it looks pretty good.  I can also see him when I look out the kitchen window.  
 He makes me smile.  I may put him in the shed for the winter.  I haven't decided yet.  But, it might be good to have him on the shed for the winter, especially the dark days.
 This is the bracelet project that Micky brought.  It really did turn out cool.  Under the face of the sun is an end of a pheasant feather that was a pretty bluish, greenish greyish...if you know what I mean.

 Finally the pictures of my scrapbook pages.  I was really starting to poop out by this time.  I usually get a little more flamboyant but, I just was loosing steam.

 Jan had a great idea and she brought with her a catalog of plaques, coffee mugs, tee shirts with sayings on them for ideas on little things to say on the page.  The top page saying is, "Don't cry because its over.  Rejoice because it happened."  And the bottom, "The best thing is life is the people we love, the places we've been and memories we made along the way."  I thought that pretty much summed up the weekend.

Thanks for stopping by.  I swear next time I will have something stitchy to show you.  Thank you for taking the time to comment.  I love to hear from you.  Keep on stitching!



  1. I would keep Mr. Sunshine up all year... he'll be a beacon of hope when he's partly covered with some snow! Love that saying about rejoicing instead of crying!!! So true! :-)

  2. Love the bracelet - and I so love the idea of your weekend, amazing.