Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Am Way Too Busy!

I figured this would happen when I returned to work.  Work, Work, Work......Bah!
I am a Certified Hand Therapist by day and Fanatical Cross Stitcher by night.  Even though I am working only five hours a day for a little while, I had to work this weekend.  Certain post surgical diagnosis need to be seen daily for two weeks.  I had a client that needed to be seen this weekend.  There was also paperwork that needed to be done. Then, there was copious amounts of laundry since DH was working out of town.  Usually, I try to get some during the week but, couldn't since it was with him.
Picture of my dog Buster.  I don't have any stitchy pictures to show you.  I thought you might like my dog.

 I have been crazy nuts busy:  grocery shopping, cleaning, bringing dinner and a baby gift to some friends.  More work, church and family dinner.  I saw the same client on Sunday too.
 Buster with his favorite toy, Frank the pig.  It is almost as big as he is.

I haven't had much time to stitch.  I did finish my humble stitching for Top Hat Jack from Notforgotten Farm.  The pictures are due by September 1st.  I finished it off this afternoon.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  I'll post the pictures soon.
 Close up of Buster.  I don't have stitchy pictures but, he is a fun subject.  Then I have glued some cardboard together to finish off the Christmas presents.  I am cutting stuff out this week.
Buster's favorite perch on the patio.  Hopefully, I will get some more stitching done this week so I can post some pictures.  After I finish part 2 of the L*K Mystery Sampler, I have an ornament that needs to get done for the Halloween Exchange.  I think I may be going through Prairie Schooler withdrawl.  Next weekend we need to take Katy back to college and get her moved in.  I am really hoping I can get to the Crosse Stitchery and Mainstreet Framing.

Thanks for stopping and all the great comments.  I really enjoy hearing from you.
Keep on Stitching.  Hope you didn't mind my dog pictures.

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  1. I being a dog lover, really love Buster and so happy he has a wonderful friend, Frank. So enjoyed your post.