Thursday, August 23, 2012

Welcome Back

I have nearly completed my first week back at work.  Boy, am I glad I have been only working five hours.  I think eight hours would have killed me.  Monday was rough but, it is getting better day by day. I'm working short days next week too.  The following week I haven't decided yet.  I will probably start adding hours.  When I got to work Monday I had some gorgeous peach colored roses, a Welcome Back Balloon and donuts.  It was so sweet!  I really work with some great people!  I am very fortunate.  
I left them on my desk Monday and Tuesday.  It was nice to enjoy them at work.  They really opened up rather nicely and looked even better.  And, they even smelled good!  So many times they really don't have much smell but, these did.
 I have finally finished the stitching part on my pumpkin for the Not Forgotten Farm Challenge.  I need to "finish" it.  That won't take me long.  It was on my to do list for today.  Unfortunately it was not done.  I was busy all day.  Time just ran out.  I will post a picture of it on the deadline day.  It was a lot more stitching than I had anticipated.

I finally was able to work on the L*K Mystery Sampler.  I took it to stitching group last night and got some done.  I did work on it for a little while this morning.
 Once I get this section done, I have to work on my ornament for the Halloween Exchange.  I have been collecting all kinds of goodies to put in the box.  It is such fun.
Welcome new members!  Thanks for joining me.  Thanks for the great comments on Prairie Schooler.
Did you notice there were some behind the flowers in the first picture?  Thanks for stopping by.
Keep on Stitching

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