Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stitching with the Girls

Last night was the Stitch n'Bitch at Patty's. Everyone except Jean was there. And as usual very fun. I usually work kind of late on Wednesday's and sometimes don't feel like going but, I am always glad I did. Its good to reconnect. For some reason, I always perk up when I'm there. I worked on my LHN Poinsettia House. I may change the Poinsettia to Goodreau, then not quite so seasonal.

 Looking at it in person, I would have done it different.  I think I would have stitched it over one instead of two, to make it a really small, Small of 2012.  Not going to change it now. 

Bob and I took his mom to the airport today.  She decided to go to Atlanta for 10 days to visit her other son and his family. We waited with her until she could board her flight.   After,  we did some shopping.  Stopped at a Kitchen store, Cook's Corner to get a turkey baster and a smaller casserole.  Ended up getting all sorts of things.  They did have Sticky Fingers Scone Mixes.  I love these.  You just add water.  I usually buy a bunch at World Market but, haven't been to one in a year.  So I picked up a couple of packs of them here.  Long story short, if you spent $50 you got a free petite rotissiere...can do two chicken breasts, two burgers, etc.  Just the right size for the empty nesters.

Bob wanted to stop at a few guy places...the Fly fishing store, a place caller Harbor Freight and Gander Mountain.  I suggested he drop me off at the Stitching Bee and I could stitch with the the Thursday afternoon group.  Then he could shop in peace and I didn't have to follow him around saying, "Are we done yet?"

I started a new project.  Prairie Schooler Tortoise and the Hare.  Wanted to mix things up a bit.  Stitched with some really lovely ladies.  It was a very enjoyable afternoon. 

 One of the ladies had just picked up this pattern she is going to stitch for a friend.  When she showed it to me, I thought it would be appropriate to do for Bob.  Maybe he will give me some flies to embellish the bottom. 
Really was a great day! Looking forward to sitting in my Lazy Boy, with a dog on my lap and stitching in my hand. 
Thanks for stopping!  Keep on Stitching!!

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