Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Latest

I know, I know I'm suppose to blog about March Daffodils and Lion and Lamb....this weekend.  I have the glue drying on the frame.  The frames don't exactly match and I need to stitch up the back.  And I do things the worst way....I use tacky board so that means a hundred years from now my things will be rotted.  For now it is the easy way. 

I have started my first Year of the Smalls: It is the one from January: a LHN Poinsettia House

I love this website.  I love how there is the "teacher, Miss Grace Carlisle," and the picture is some lady from the 1930's.  I JUST LOVE THIS!  I don't intend to get all the kits since I'm not so sure I like them all
Check it out....

Way too busy at work...very complicated Hand Injury/Surgery patients.  I do adore these guys and when they come in smiling because they are feeling better and their injured hand is working better.  It just wipes me out by 8:00 and I am sleeping in my chair and not stitching.  I hope my stitching group appreciates when I make something for them for Christmas and how far in advance I start to get it all done.  Sometimes I just don't have the giddy-up and go. 

Thanks for popping by and Keep on Stitching

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