Monday, April 9, 2012

Bathroom Re-Do

I won't claim to be an interior decorator.  There may be more I will do to this bathroom but I have pictures of before, during and after.  I think it has been a big change.  I still don't know what to do about the toilet.  You know there really isn't anyway to make a toilet more attractive. 
Before:  I always start with a shower curtain.  This being a kids/guest bathroom...and mostly kids at that time.  The paint was a periwinkle blue and really blue. 
 The light fixture was one of those mirrored bar lights...very 1990's.  Bob really hated the wooden towel bars.  The blue doesn't look quite as intense in this picture. 
 We took down everything.  We didn't replace any of the main stuff....showers, toilet, sink, vanity etc.  We had put in a new toilet and tile floor when we painted the periwinkle blue.  Those were neutral.  We painted it with Sherwin Williams and the color is called, Contented.  It is a spa-like greyish green. 
Really interesting picture of the sink covered with newspaper.  What talented photography, eh?  And notice missing light fixture.  That was a bugger!

 Better pic of the missing light fixture
 Installed an new shower curtain rod that curves out, so it seems like the shower is bigger.  I love these rods.  Got the shower curtain at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  When I was looking at curtains, every curtain I saw at Kohls that wasn't vinyl was dry clean only.  How ridiculous is a a dry clean only shower curtain????   It is a mosaic pattern on top and repeated again on the bottom.  Love this curtain. 
 New light fixture.  This is the second one we brought home.  The first one, which repeated the hexagon pattern that you really can't see on the wall brackets for the towel ring, had shades that were too big and smashed into the mirror.  So we went back and got this one.  I do like this and the brushed nickle.  All the rods except the shower curtain, are brushed nickle.  The towel matches the blue in the shower curtain mosaic. 
I figure I could get more hooha stuff to place around the bathroom.  But, looking at the designer rooms and sometimes I think they are just too over the top.  We are replacing the faucet.  I can only push Bob so far.  I do like the way it turned out.  I absolutely love the color.  I will have to see what DMC thread best matches.  Doesn't everyone talk in DMC color numbers.  My husband is getting use to that.

Finished the Lion and Lamb but, I am going to try framing it in the next few days and I will post those pictures. 

Thanks for checking up on me.  Keep on stitching!

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