Sunday, April 22, 2012

LHN update and I was thinking....

I am slowly moving along on the LHN Poinsettia House.  I did graph out what I am going to put in place of Poinsettia.  Like I said, I think I would like this better if it was smaller.  I also think I should have used a fabric that would have made the white stand out more.  If I had used something more yellow in tone I don't think I would have been happy with that.  Oh and learn.  It still will turn out good I think. 
 Then I was looking at my china hutch and I don't have anything hanging on that.  I have stuff to put on the knob but, just haven't gotten around to it.  Then I was looking at sites and saw the Prairie Schooler small cards.  I had gotten those sets when The Silver Needle had their New Years Sale.  The hedgehog really stood out.  I thought, "Hey I have that.  I should do that for a little hanger."  I just located it and will get some scraps of fabric and the thread and whip...oh sure, "whip" that one up.  It truly will be a quick stitch.  How cute is this?

It has been a busy weekend.  My mom has pneumonia again.  I was at her house yesterday and cooked up a bunch of stuff for her so she doesn't have to cook this week.  I plan on going again to cook more and clean on Thursday after a dentist appointment.  Her health really is quite tenative.  And she is 84, soon to be 85. 

Thanks for stopping.  Keep in stitching!  I knowits cheaper than Prozac.

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