Thursday, April 5, 2012

In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb

I had the girls from Stitch n'Bitch over last night.  As always loads of fun.  If you don't have a group, I highly suggest starting one.  I was one of the founding members.  Years ago, I was at the quilt and yarn shop and I saw a flyer for this.  I took a leap of faith and called the number.  It was Arttie and I agreed to have her pick me up.  The first meeting was at her sister's.  (She no longer attends, stopped almost as soon as we started.)  The car she picked me up in was something out of another century.  I got in and when there were no seat belts in it, I silently thought, "Oh my gosh, what have I gotten myself into?"  Well everything turned out just fine and we have been friends ever since.  Along the way we lost the other two founding members but, acquired Patty, Ann and Jean.  We trialed another along the way but, she just didn't fit.  She was more in Karoake then stitching. 

I made a White Chocolate Mousse and Cherry Pie from Taste of Home
My picture isn't quite as lovely as the professional one:

 I used a 9 inch springform rather than a pie plate.  It was pretty tasty and quite a hit.  It was rather putsy.  I'm not sure I would remake for that reason only.  It is essentially a heart attack on a plate.  Now Arttie is doing Atkins and really suceeding.  The last time it was here, she complained later about the headache she had all the next day due to the high sugar content.  What good dessert doesn't have a high sugar content, I asked?  So last night I did make her something special that was low carb.......
A boiled egg.  She did opt for the pie.  Bob ate the egg for breakfast. 

I am nearly done with the Lion and the Lamb.  I absolutely adore this.
Still trying to figure out the next project.  When I do, I will post it. 

Thanks for stopping.  Happy stitching. 

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