Sunday, April 15, 2012

In the Frames And LHN update

It has again been a very busy weekend.  Katy was home and went to her boyfriend's Prom.  He is a senior but, only three months younger than her.  I was hoping I could get the picture off my cell phone that they texted me last night however, it wouldn't work.  Hopefully they will email me some and then I can post those.  After we dropped off her dress we stopped at the mall and picked up a few things.  I got a box full of 60 watt bulbs and 3 4 pks of 100 watt.  There are some light fixtures the compact flourescents just don't work in.  My dad always had a stash of light bulbs.  I guess the bulb doesn't fall far from the lamp.

We also stopped at Bath and Body works.  I have become obsessed with the cherry hand soap.  Why do they just about tackle you when you walk it there?  There must have been ten associates in there and every single one of them had to stop me and asked me if I knew about the sale, needed a basket, knew if I got three of those I could get three for free...did I want some Moonlight Path (I hate Moonlight Path).  I really only like the soap.  There shower and lotion just smell too artificial to me.  I think by the time the last girl went through the series of questions my eyes had become satanic red and I must have terrified her. 

I finally finished the framing with the Prairie Schooler March Daffodils.  The wood on the frames doesn't exactly match.  I'm not exactly worried about it. 

 And finally....Progress on the LHN Poinsettia House is moving along.  I will probably make it into a door knob hanger. 
I have also started getting the stitching group Christmas Presents ready to start.  I'll work on those it drips and drabs but, won't post. 

Thanks for stopping and keep on stitching.

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  1. Your Prairie Schoolers look great. Sometimes we get crazy trying to frame things exactly alike. Sometimes I think groupings look better if the framing is slightly long as they work well together.

    Your LHN wip is looking good.