Monday, August 1, 2011

A Dirty Patio Door Made Me Cry

I got up yesterday morning and the sun was shining brightly into the house.  I looked out the patio door and I noticed how dirty it was.
Hopefully, you can see in the middle of the door.  Those are nose prints from our dog Huck

  I started to get teary eyed.  Huck got really sick from Blastomycosis and lost the fight.  The nose prints are one of the final reminders of him. 

He was a most excellent dog.  I really miss him.


  1. Don’t fret, Monica! For every problem, there is a solution. When I clean my patio doors, I use a soft mild detergent and water mixture. Use soft cloth that was dipped in your solution to clean the surface of the patio doors. Afterwards, dry it using old newspapers. Newsprint will absorb the moisture and also remove any scum layer that might have been left. [Marla Hinds]

  2. Aaah... If I were in your situation, I don’t know if I’m gonna clean that patio door or I’ll just leave it like that. It’s one thing that truly reminds you of Huck. But, I know that he’s in a better place now. One thing or another, you still have to remove that dirt somehow. I love the look of your patio, by the way.

    Sasha Herrick