Thursday, August 18, 2011

PICS Adventure Part III

After breakfast we hit the town and we hit it hard.  Since I forgot a sweater, I remembered everything else but that.  I figured I might need to get something.  I thought this would be fun, not exactly a sweater.  I'm not so sure my husband Bob likes it what else is new.  One time he hid a really adorable pair of Liz Claibourn shoes I had in the '80s.  They were a red and tan jungle print with a clear sole so you could even see the print on the bottom.  He hid them.  I suppose he will try and hide the jacket.
The next stop was another store that had what looked like seed beads in a tube.  You add water and they get to be the size of a marble or so.  Jan and Mick found them fastenating and had to buy some.  I restrained myself because I knew I was going to buy lots of candy for the kids.  Here is pic of us at the store holding a rather large 'tini glass with the hydrated beads.

Picture courtesy of Mary Beth and the lady working at the store who took the picture. 

Onward to the candy store.  It is the most amazing place.  I was going to buy Bob some wax lips.  When was the last time you saw wax lips.  They also had fangs and moustaches.  This place has every conceiveable candy, stuff I haven't seen in years like, Slo-pokes and socially inappropriate candy cigarettes.    I always spend way too much here.  I have some saved for the care package box to send the kids at college. 

It even looks fun in the pictures.  Just wore out from shopping. But, that doesn't stop us.  Later, Our Creations. 

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