Monday, August 15, 2011

College Girls Weekend-Part I

 Had a fabulous time on the College Girls Weekend, A.K.A PICS Adventure.  We started calling ourselves PICS in college meaning Partners in Crime S-plural.  When we get there we always take a picture of the wine we bring.  We always bring more wine and food than we possibly can consume.  Even had lemon cella this year but, didn't get to drink it. 

On Friday night, we have dinner at the Maiden Lake Supper Club.  Drinks on the deck while waiting to eat.
This year it took exceptionally long, (1 1/2 hours) but, we had fun talking.  Helped Jan with some publicity ideas for her Cranial Sacral business.  Hope it works. 
Menu from the resturant

Mary Beth and Me, Horrible picture of me. We were roommates
Jan and Mickey were roommates
What a fun night......more to come

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