Monday, August 22, 2011

One down, one to go

We dropped Ed off at college today. He starts his on-campus job tomorrow, which is very exciting. Since most of the students aren't there yet, the cafeteria isn't open yet. One of the dining places is. He does have Poptarts, popcorn and Dr. Pepper. Breakfast of champion, right?

I'm a bad mom. I brought my camera but, forgot to take pictures. I was all excited about meeting the room mate, room mates gf, the RA, the suite mate, I just forgot. You really aren't missing much. It's on the third floor(puff puff)small and blue, but apparently a happening place. I hope it isn't too happening.

So next week, Katy leaves for her college experience. I am really happy they are going. I absolutely loved college. I am sad for myself since they aren't kids anymore. I am feeling very old but, it is a new adventure for me too....what will I do next?

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