Thursday, February 27, 2014

Off He Goes, In His Blue Argyle Sweater

You have all heard me complain about what a hellacious winter this has been. 
We have had more snow than probably the last three winters and the cold has been ridiculous.  
Because Buster is a small dog, Bob will snowblow a path around the backyard for him.  
The backyard is fenced in since we have always had a dog.  
The snow has to go somewhere,  much of it has been landing against the fence. 
(Can you guess where this is going?)
The last snow storm was wet snow and has since gotten much cold.  
The snow is hard enough for the dog to walk on top of it.  
Monday, while I was making dinner, I looked out the kitchen window.  
Before I could get to the door and holler at Buster, he had climbed the snow bank, had one of his back legs kicked up on the top rail of the fence.  
Alley Oop, he was up, over and down the snowbank on the other side of his fence and running in
his blue argyle sweater.  
He went to Spikes house across the alley and proceeded to pee everywhere he could.  
Probably messed Spike for the rest of the night.  
Looking kind of scruffy before he went to the groomers.    
If you haven't ever entered a drawing at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe you should.
I won one of the Valentine prizes and it is wonderful.
I got patterns, some of her wonderful hand dyed floss, buttons, charms, ric rac and lace.
Thank you Nancy!
 I have a good start on  Drawn Thread's Easter Eggs.
It is so fun because you feel you get things done because you can do a square a night.  
I'm doing it in the Needle Point Silk per the pattern.
The colors are gorgeous and the silk is just wonderful.  
That's pretty much whats been going on around here.  
I am really looking forward to the weekend.  
I need some homemade muffins and stitching time.  

Thanks for the wonderful comments.  
Hope your week was spectacular.
Keep on Stitching. 


  1. I think Buster is quite an adventurer! What a fun story. Love the Easter Egg stitch.

  2. Wow, go Buster! So glad that he is home safe.
    What a lovely package of sweets from Nancy. Great progress on your DT piece.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Nice start on the DT - they're such lovely designs.

  4. Oh my! The image in my mind of Buster going over the fence! More sweet stitches!