Sunday, February 23, 2014

Quilt Wars

Bob and I have been having quilt wars.  
We have had a rather heavy comforter on our bed.  
When I saw it I fell in love with it.
Ordered the Valance and curtains too.  
Since I am menopausal, I have almost all my hot flashes at night.
You can set them like clockwork.
I am almost always having one between 3 and 3:30 am. 
With that big heavy quilt, I was roasting.  
I would push the quilt down on my side and throw a leg out.
I would wake up again, too cold.
Bob would pull the quilt back up too during the night....more cooking.
I would fold the heavy quilt all on Bob's side since he's cold.
I tried the blanket one night but was too cold.
   About a week ago, I found a little quilted throw my mom made for my son and appropriated that.
I was perfect but, now Bob is too hot.
Went shopping with the stitching group and stopped at Kohl's Department store to look at a new quilt.
I promised Bob he would not have to repaint the room.  
I like the color.
I found a Chaps quilt, light weight, a bronzy gold color that sort of goes with the shams and curtains.
These are the old shams. 
I did buy matching shams but, not sure if I like them as much as the old ones. 
So here is the general idea.  
I think we both like the weight of the new quilt.
Tried it last night and I think we were both happy.  
I still had a little hot flash but, not anywhere near what I was experiencing.  
I think this may be a keeper.  
 I finished all the Shepherd's Bush Valentine Trifles.  
I just now need to "finish" them.
That will probably be a next weekend project.
Sorry it is a little blurry.  
 I showed you the Be My Valentine on the last entry.  
 These are very cute, very fun and very quick.  
Gotta like that!
 I will be starting the Drawn Thread Easter Jumble tonight.
I got the NPS from 123 Stitch yesterday. 
I didn't need too many colors so, I splurged. 
I'm now good to go.
I will be using 28 count Antique White linen.
I love these colors.
They are gorgeous.
On our travels yesterday with the Stitching Group, we stopped at a quilt store.
I picked up some fat quarters for finishing projects.
We also stopped at the Bee and I got a couple of new PS patterns.  
I'll show those on the next installment.  
Hope you had a great weekend.
Thanks for the great comments and for stopping by.
Keep on Stitching


  1. We have some of the same night issues! I do like the way the bed looks in the photo. Such pretty little Valentine pieces! Plus the new thread is so pretty.

  2. The new quilt looks great!
    Lovely Valentine finishes. Will they be bowl fillers?
    I am looking forward to seeing your DT project progress.
    Have a great week!

  3. Glad you were able to find a compromise on the bedding--I can so relate to the nightly hot flashes (there are times I think my teeth might melt I get so hot and poor hubby is freezing) Beautiful finishes

  4. Such pretty Valentine pieces. Love all the colors. Your new quilt and all looks so pretty. I hope that you find that it works for you both! You have a wonderful week.
    LindaLee from
    CrossN' My Stitches

  5. Beautiful quilt and sweet stitches!