Sunday, March 2, 2014

Just Didn't Get it All Done

I was really hoping to have all my little Valentine smalls finished.  
I got as far as the machine work.  
The dilemma I'm having is with the Shepherds Bush Valentine Trifles. 
They like to finish the edges with a ribbon that of course you can't buy anywhere.  
I think it is rayon.  
Back in the day when I was doing silk ribbon embroidery I had bought some rayon ribbon that didn't work at all.  
It was too sticky and would catch the needle unlike the silk.
I was hoping I still had it but, I haven't found it must be gone.  
I may break down and use silk but, I may want to do silk ribbon embroidery again and can you still get silk ribbon?
Therefore, I am still pondering how I'm going to trick these babies out.  

Went to church this morning and the Gospel reading was Matthew 6:24-34 and wouldn't you know some of the verses sounded familiar.
"Hey I cross stitched that!"
I did this back in June 2012 and today I finally framed it...Silver Creek Samplers
Honestly, when I took the picture it looked straight!
 The Drawn Thread Easter Eggs moving along well.  
I love this!
I love specialty stitches
Bob put up some more shelves in the closet of Ed's/my sewing room. 
He's going to be home this week.
I think I'm going to take him to the furniture store to try out a sleeper sofa since that is what is replacing his bed.  
I do have permission.  

I am ready to hunker down for the Oscars.
Got to get this banged out before the red carpet is down.
Do you find these "correspondents" silly.  
How many times can the one guy ask what the couples do for a date night?  
Oh well, I guess they have to fill air space.  
At least get people who know what designers the stars are wearing.  
Hope you have had a wonderful weekend.  

Going to -15 tonight, just wanted to keep you updated. 
Keep on Stitching


  1. That's a great Bible verse. I like the way it looks stitched. Easter Eggs is also looking great.

  2. These are both great pieces! Love the birdie in the first one and (of course) I love those Easter Eggs! Spring will get here... eventually! :-)

  3. I have that Silver Springs chart and I love it! Maybe I will get around to stitching it this year for the SFS challenge!

  4. Use your silk ribbon! That's what I use, and you can still get it. You can always order from Fireside Stitchery. Also check your local needlepoint shops.

  5. You can get beautiful silk ribbin from "Hand Dyed Fibers" in almost any color you can dream of...inexpensive, delivery is quick.

  6. Lovely stitching! I love that verse also!

  7. Great progress on your DT piece. How nice to have a reminder and new association with that lovely stitched piece.
    I hope the ribbon gets worked out for your finishing.
    Have a great week!

  8. The Eggs are looking great - such a pretty project

  9. Your Easter project is looking lovely, great progress

  10. Love that verse! And your eggs are looking great!