Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentines and a Sweetheart of a Storm? UGH!!!

So, I decided to start with the pleasant things.
I have been working on Shepherds Bush Valentine Trifles and have my first one finished.  
What a fun, quick stitch.
These will be a nice addition to my Valentine Smalls Basket

A close up so you can see the buttons better.  
The next one says "Cutie Pie" and is like a conversation heart.  
I think the next project after these are done is a Drawn Thread Easter.
I did break down and ordered the silk thread for it.
I think I will make a bell pull out of it.  
When I get the thread, expect a post. 
 Now, for the same old lament....the weather.
We are in the midst of Storm Seneca.
It started snowing about 70 minutes ago and we have at least a half inch.
The wind is wailing 23-36 miles an hour.
We are suppose to get between 4 and 8 inches of snow.
That should pose a significant problem for the Shih Tzu. covering his butt if we get 8.
Then the Polar Vortex returns and temperatures drop.
Below 0 at night and the highs if we are lucky in the teens.

The biggest problem now is frozen pipes.
Many smaller communities have "run orders".
That means you keep a tap open so the water is running the size of a pencil all the time to keep the water moving.
They will average because that can be a lot of water and a sizeable water bill.
So if your pipes freeze what do you do until the city comes and thaws you out?
I have filled some buckets and garbage cans in case our pipes succumb.
What a nightmare that would be.  
Wise to be prepared.    
Made a pot of chili because that sounded like a good idea.  
Chances are the weather is crazy where you are.
What an insane storm.
Hope you are warm, dry and safe.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Thanks for stopping.
Keep on stitching 


  1. I love the Shepherds Bush Valentine stitch Monica! Hope your water doesn't freeze. Our weather is 75 and thunderstorms her in Alabama. But we may be in the 30's next week.. Weird weather is right.

  2. Your valentine finish is beautiful. Crazy winter--we have been under tornado warnings all evening and next week the cold temps return. Spring 2014 where are you

  3. Cute finish, I love the buttons. Keep safe.

  4. What a cute Valentine finish! Sorry to hear you are getting another storm!! This has been a very odd winter!

  5. Sweet Valentine's finishes. Dealing with the threat of or frozen pipes is awful. Ugh!

  6. Congratulations on your sweet Valentine finish! Stay safe and warm and here's hoping your storm isn't too bad.

    Robin in Virginia