Sunday, February 9, 2014

I Was Only Going to Buy Some Floss....Really

I really only had floss on my list and a piece of fabric 11x11.
I got the floss I needed which was a substantial amount.  
It is the floss for PPS Cinnamon Stars and BBD Honeybee Hill.
I didn't just buy the small piece.  I decided I liked the color so I got it all. 
I do have more patterns in that BBD series.  
I'll be able to use if for other things.  
Then there were some nice pieces in the scrap bin.
I got those too.  

I din't think there would be any pattern must haves not with Market coming up soon.
I was wrong.  
I have two other of these Drawn Threads...I haven't done yet.
I really think there are very sweet. 
I have one for Easter I should get in the queue.
 I saw this With Thy Needle and Thread online and thought that was awfully cute.
Well, guess what I saw it at the Bee and it called to me.  
 I am nearly done with the snow.
I wasn't so sure but, the Names and Dates do pop.  
I think tonight, I'm going to work on the bottom strip.
I am ready to finish this and move on to the Primitive Hare piece.
I don't like to have a lot of WIP's.  
Hope you had a great weekend.  
Now on to a new week.
I really hope it is uneventful.
Thanks for stopping and commenting. 
I do enjoy the comments.  
Keep on Stitching


  1. I've had similar shopping experiences-enter a shop with one item on the list and leave with a shopping bag full.

  2. Love all the floss you got on your shopping trip! Great patterns too. I can't wait to see the complete February stitch.

  3. I'm afraid it's just impossible to limit yourself to floss when buying online! I love the Drawn Thread piece you bought - looks like fun. Your new almost-finish looks fantastic.

  4. Don't we all have this problem??!! I find it easier to buy nothing than to try to limit my purchases to 'just what's on the list'. At least you tried!! Laura

  5. What a nice haul you came home with? What is the color/brand of the big piece of fabric? It is a nice color.

    Have a fabulous week!

    Robin in Virginia

    PS Awesome progress on your PS piece!

  6. Oh my goodness Monica! I love all those beautiful threads, and I've been thinking about Cinnamon Stars ever since I first saw it when it came out. Love the design. We sound a lot alike. I can't go into any stitchy store and buy only what I need. I swear that I hear voices in those stores that tell me that I need anything I happen to like. That's all part of our love for the art of cross stitch though.
    Keep us posted on the progress of your pieces. Have a wonderful week.