Sunday, February 16, 2014

Can't See Him

We keep getting snow a little bit at a time.
We got another 3-4 inches last night.
The nice thing about it, it that it does cover up the slush and dog poop.
Bob blows paths for Buster because he is a Shih Tzu and kind of short. 

 Can't see him, can you?
The snow in the backyard is higher than the dog.
Once and a while you get a glimpse of the tail but, it is fleeting.  
 Its probably two feet of snow
 I was hoping I had a picture of this flower bed in the summer to show the difference.
That pile of snow is a flower bed and the fence if four feet.
We are suppose to get some more snow tomorrow. 
It is a good thing because it does help the water table.  
 We had my mom and mother-in-law for dinner last night for Valentine's day and my MIL b'day.
It started snowing about 5:30-6:00 and after dinner I had to take my mom home.
She doesn't like to drive at night and gets very nervous.
She was a basket case driving home last night.
It was snowing a lot and the road was covered with snow.
I told her not to worry, "As long as we stay between the snow banks on both sides we are good."
I don't think she found that very reassuring since it is a 4 lane highway with a left turn lane.  
Got her safe and sound and I had no problem on the way home.

 I'm working on the heel flap on the socks.  
I haven't been putting too much time into it.
Hard to tell from the photos it is a varigated green yarn, kind of a camo effect.  
 I started my Shepherd's Bush Valentine Trifles.
 I don't think these will take too long.  
I did finish my Primitive Hare piece but, won't be showing it until later this month since it is my Smalls SAL for the month.  
I used a button on it but, I'm not sure I'm liking it. 
It may have to come off.  

Bob and I went to see the Monuments Men.
What a great movie!
We loved it!
It had everything and George Clooney and Matt Damon!!!
Wonderful cast and story line.  
I highly recommend "F" bomb or nudity. 

Back to work tomorrow and it looks like it will be a busy week.   
We may need to keep digging out practically every-other day but, we haven't lost power.
Hope you have a fabulous weekend.
Thanks for stopping and taking the time to comment.
I get such wonderful comments.
Keep on Stitching


  1. Your yard looks amazing!! We have had only a sprinkling of snow this winter. Thanks for the heads up about the movie. We were thinking that we might go see that one-your good recommendation makes it for sure!

  2. That is a lot of snow! Wednesday it is supposed to be 70 here!
    I love the colors in that sock. I want to see that movie too.
    Have a great week!

  3. Beautiful yarns--spring 2014 is going to be welcomed by thousands

  4. Beautiful snow pics ~ but I am so glad that ours took a hit the last two days with some warmer temps....bring on spring!