Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Continental Cup

Ski jumping use to be and integral part of the local area history.
There were ski jumps all over town where local kids would practice.  
Those have long been dismantle.
There is still a jump on top of Pine Mountain.
Every year this is competition that draws jumpers from all over the world.  
They added an extra day this year because the snow has been so bad in Europe, more jumpers are competing, so I've heard.  
 Bob and I met at the restaurant at the resort.
After we were done, I parked at the bottom of the jump and hill to watch some of the practice jumps.
It was amazing.
My Iphone wasn't really able to capture the jumpers.  
It was a gorgeous day.  
Clear blue sky and 11 degrees.

Different business and families build shacks and party while watching.
Families have been doing this for years. 
Quite the tradition.
It gets crazy so, I usually avoid it. 
But, this was so cool
The blue and red lines are some of the distance markers.
When you see the jumper come off the end of the jump you are thinking,
"Oh that isn't very far."
Until they land it.  
Found this online while trying to find pictures of the park jumps.
This is what the jumper sees from the top of the hill. 
On a less impressive note, the latest update of February.  
I have a lot of white snow to fill in at the bottom.  
Going to have a chance to do some shopping this weekend at the Stitching Bee. 
I have my list of floss ready.  
I am ready!!
Hope you have a great weekend
Keep on Stitching


  1. The ski jumps look amazing. I always like that at the Olympics. Have fun shopping!

  2. Very cool about the ski jumps. Great PS progress! I hope that you come home with lots of wonderful stash!

  3. Have fun shopping at the Stitching Bee! Thanks for sharing pictures of the ski jumping activities and your progress on PS February.

    Have an enjoyable weekend!

    Robin in Virginia