Thursday, August 29, 2013

What a Crisis....Ed Saves the Day!

This is the weekend we take Katy back to college.  Ed has a week in already.
We have a six hour drive.  We were going to have Grandma Ann dog sit at her house two doors down.
I have had a feeling for the last week that she isn't so sure about doing this. 
 It isn't the first time she has done it.
Her brother had ulcer surgery two weeks ago and is still apparently in the hospital.  
He just found out he has liver cancer so she is hell bent to go and see him.
Why the doctors didn't figure this out before a $$$ surgery and  hospital stay!?  
"I will drive 100 miles if I have too!" she cried.    
Mind you she is 84, not that good of a driver and her son, my husband said he would take her tomorrow.
(I can't remember the last time she saw her brother...hasn't been that high on the list.)
"It would be better to see him before he dies," she said.
Here we are, we take Katy back to college on Saturday, trying to figure out what to do with the dog.
She isn't too stable at this time.  
(He looks like trouble, doesn't he.)  
Can't get a bordetella shot fast enough or in enough time to board him at a kennel.  
Grandma suggested taking him to the pound...not an option.
At dinner, we talked about having the kid of a friend stay, taking him with us or having the neighbor who isn't crazy about him let him out periodically and feed him.
We texted him.  "Buster emergency, please call!"
Scared the pants off Ed, he thought the dog was dead.  
Ed has no plans this weekend.  Can take Sunday off work.  
Our hero Ed is coming home and will take care of the dog.  
Hooray for Ed.  He saves the day!!!
I just have get him some Corona. 

Update Prairie Schooler August is done!!! 
Amazing!  Pressed and in a frame.  Not saying if its laced or not.  
 I love the corn on the bottom.  
 I have started on September.  
I should be working on Halloween things.
 I have a good start. 
 Hope you have an wonderful holiday weekend.  
I am looking forward to LaCrosse.  We are planning on taking a drive down the Mississippi to Prairie du Chein.  It is suppose to be very scenic....unless something changes.  
Who know!

Thanks for the great comments!  I love getting them!
Keep on Stitching


  1. Glad everything is working out!! Love the August PS and a great start on September!!!

  2. I love PS August!! Good for your son he must be a great guy!

  3. So glad it all worked out! Lovely stitches!

  4. Glad you were able to work something out. August is lovely, congratulations