Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Charming Wedding

One of my good friend's (from stitching group) son got married.  
When she first told us about it she was a little apprehensive.
It was a rustic wedding with a Cowboy theme.
The ceremony was at a local farm.  
I have to admit I was a little skeptical.
I wasn't too sure what to wear so I Googled rustic weddings.  
When you look online they are pretty cool.  
It really was a quaint old barn.  
 Since it is August and still be quite warm, there were tubs of iced water, umbrellas and fans.
The fans were also the programs for the wedding.  
There was a word search on the back incase you wanted something to do while waiting for the festivities to start.  
The weather was perfect:  sunny, 80 something and no humidty.  
The flowers were lovely.  
 Seating were planks on bales of hay.  
At the end of the "pews" were shepherds crooks with hanging mason jars with flowers.
After the ceremony, they made it to the reception and on the table for decorations.  
 The Groom and Groom's men wore dark blue jeans, grey shirts, ties and vests.
The brides maids were in light peach colored dresses with a lacy over dress.  
Everyone was wearing cowboy boots, including the groom and the bride.  

 Instead of a flower girl, the couple's dog came down the aisle before the bride with a little sign reading "here comes the bride."  
At the end of the ceremony, the sign flipped around and read, "Just married."
 The bride was escorted by her grandfather.  
He greeted us all earlier with a hearty "howdy."
A good friend of the grooms had gotten his license to marry them.  
He really did a lovely job. 

The reception was at a local restaurant and outside.  
The groom's father made a bench for their new home.  
Instead of a guest book, we all signed the bench.  
There was also a photo booth.  
One set of pictures went into a sleeve in a book that you would then sign.
The other copy we got to keep.  
The boxes at the end of the tables hold mason jar mugs with a tag with the bride and grooms names tied on with jute cord that you wrote your name on.  
The food was fabulous!
It really was a sweet, charming wedding.  
Best one I've been to in a while.

Needless to say, didn't get much stitching done yesterday.  
I am cruising on August.  
I just have ears of corn to stitch beneath the livestock.
Next weekend we take Katy back to school.  
She is ready to go back.  
We are hoping for a very good year.  

I hope you all have had a great weekend and a superb week.
Thank you for all the wonderful comments.

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  1. What a great wedding ~ love it! Great stitches too!

  2. I love the cowboy boots with the dresses! And your stitching looks great.