Monday, September 2, 2013

Bob and Monica's Excellent Adventure: Prairie du Chien Edition

After we got Katy back to school and moved into the dorm, we still had a day for an adventure.  
We took the Great River Road from La Crosse to Prairie du Chien.  It is about 58 miles.
It follows along the Mississippi River, between the river and the bluffs.  
It was cloudy and a little drizzly that morning.  
The Minnesota side.  
One of the old historical markers along the way.  
There are newer ones next to it but, I didn't think there were as interesting.  

We really thought it was a beautiful drive.  

A stretch of the highway (for about 4-5 miles) are signs for falling rock.   
We saw two dams with locks on the way and stopped to check it out.  
The small fishing boats pull a cord, sets of some alarms and they then lower the water out of the lock to open the gates and let the boat in.  
We saw signs for an apple orchard that was opened.  
Naturally we stopped and picked up a bag of Zesta's and Ginger Gold apples.  
We also got caramel dip, apple butter, pumpkin butter and Bumbleberry jam.  
We left half the apples and caramel dip with Katy and her roommate.  
The jam went to Ed.
This was the view from the orchard on top of the bluff.  
By the time we headed back, the skies were clear and a brilliant blue.  
Stopped at Mainstreet Stitching and Framing for stash.  
I got some Maple Sugar colored 40 count linen for a Halloween project and some of the floss I needed.  
Here are some of the patterns I picked up.  I don't know if this one is new but, the others are from the recent St. Charles Market.  
I love the house in the center of this BBD.
This is a lovely book.  
 I thought this would be fun to make into pin keeps to go with some of the other SB keeps I made earlier this year.  
 Some Prairie Schooler freebies.  
It is a long drive to and from La Crosse.  We are hoping this will be a stellar year for Katy.  I think we have her pain level under control.  It was a great trip.  Her roommate is wonderful and they seem to get a long great.  They were friends from last year.  

Hope you had a restful weekend.  I really abbreviated the number of pictures.

Have a great week!
Keep on Stitching


  1. Hope your daughter has a great year!! A great ride and some SUPER stash!

  2. What a wonderful drive. Thanks for sharing. You picked up some wonderful stash!
    I hope that Katy has a great school year!

  3. How lovely photos.:) Nice place.:)
    You bought pretty things.:)