Thursday, August 8, 2013

Waxing Philosophy

I've been on staycation this week and gotten a lot accomplished.  
The big jobs I wanted to get done are done....well two down one to go.
There will be an exquisite post on the final big job...
I didn't think you wanted to see the washed walls in the bathroom or the clean refrigerator.  
I have gotten a few small things done too.  I mounted and laced up Homespun Elegance's Scenes of Summer

            I pop things out of this frame several times a year.  The frame fits with the "Carrying In" series.
 I have also finished the stitching part of LHN Simplicity.
Wrinkly picture as usual.  Someday I have to finish all these little pieces. 
 I still can't decide if I should frame or pinkeep.  
I do like the woolen's the patterns show them on but, not too keen on the hemp.  
Only a short time before summer is over.  
In August, I think the thing I miss the most is the song birds.  
You just don't hear them singing as much, especially the robins.  
I suppose by August they don't have to impress anyone, anymore.  

And while I'm waxing philosophy....why does a vacation week go by faster than a work week?  

I am hoping today to do some stash enhancement.  If I do, you know I'll be posting it.  
Thanks for stopping by
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  1. Great stitches! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the Virtues!

  2. Lovely stitchings Monica.:)
    My vacation weeks went faster,too,than my work days...everything that is nice goes quickly...:)

    All the best.:)