Monday, August 5, 2013

College Girls Weekend 2013

This might be a lengthy post.  
College Girls Weekend August 1-4, 2013.  
We started calling ourselves the PICS in college.  This is the abbreviation of Partners in Crime (S-plural)
We have been using this sign since 2008.  It is a little beat up.  
 We have been going to the Townsend/Lakewood area in Wisconsin.  
I don't live too far, closer than the others, only about 80 minutes away.  
This is the road going into the Cabin.  
It is so cool in person.  The trees form green tunnel. 

It is much more impressive in person.  I just love driving in this.  
We always take a picture of the collection of wine bottles.  
We are getting older.  We bring less and drink less.  
I brought three bottles and returned with 2.  

 Katy found a very cute bracelet on line.  We used the picture as an inspiration.  
We made kits using beads that were similar in same.  
We started these on Thursday.
 Micky had her beads all strung and then dropped them.  
She had to start over.  

 Mary Beth had some difficulty making her bracelet smaller.  
I swear she took off beads and I think she put them back on. 
Eventually she got the size perfect.  
Here they are, all lined up.  
It is amazing how we all had the same beads and how they turned out different.  
From top to bottom:  
Mary Beth's
On friday, we went to Crandon and did some shopping. 
 I picked up a necklace that I can repurpose into something better.  
When we got back to the cabin, we started scrapbooking. 
We take the pictures from the year before and go to it.  
We drink some wine and really get silly.  
You will see what trouble we got into a little further down.  
Friday evening, we usually go to Maiden Lake Inn Supper Club.
The place is always busy and you have to wait for a table.  
Fortunately, the weather was perfect to have cocktails on the deck.
I refer to this as the cocktail cabana.  
 The view of the lake from the deck.  There are always a few boats parked at the pier.  
The fish fry is awesome!
 We came back from dinner and finished our scrapbook pages.  
We noticed the sign:  Eat Sleep Fish.  
We added a few more things.  
 Saturday, there was a large arts and crafts show.  
I think there must have been close to 100 vendors.  
We supported the economy.  
After getting back, and a little lunch, we started some Kumihimo bracelets.
We made some last year, and it was such a success they wanted to make more.  
 Standing was a popular way to weave those kumi's
 The results were quite lovely.  
I think everyone was pretty happy with the end results.  
 Mick made some pork taco's for dinner.  There were really yummy.  
I think my favorite part was the mashed avocado mixed with sour cream.  

 She also brought a dessert.  It was a walnut torte with cream cheese frosting.  She has been in search of a recipe for this that would taste like the one Mount Mary would serve at special functions.
I can't remember which one ran into a former MMC pastry chef but, wouldn't you know, it was a Sara Lee.
 While I was gone, Bob and Katy got me a birthday present.  The rusted moon.  
It is by the same artist I had just recently got the sun on the shed.  
I got the star at the Arts and Craft show.  

 Finally, when I left on Thursday, I gave Buster a peanut butter treat.
He carried it around all weekend. I would get updates. 
 As far as I know, he still hasn't eaten it.  
Katy figures it was the last thing I gave him before I dropped off the face of the earth.  

It was really a fun weekend.  It was great getting together with these wonderful women.  
I'm on vacation this week too and hopefully will be posting pictures of "Finished" projects.  
Hope you have a great week.
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  1. Wonderful.:) Thank you for the photos and for the long post.:)

  2. Sounds like you all had a great time.

  3. Now that is what I call a fun getaway! What I wouldn't have given to be on that lakeside dock drinking a cocktail!!!!