Saturday, August 10, 2013

Strawberry Hill Box is DONE!

Warning: Picture intensive blog post!
I finished stitching With Thy Needle and Thread Strawberry Hill Sewing box, Huswife and Pinkeep a year ago.  I just now have finished the assembly.  
Hooray for ME!
After the debacle of trying to paint the Whitman heart shaped boxes for another project, I decided not waste my time, energy or precious Briwax on a cardboard box.  I figured this wooden box from Hobby Lobby would fit the bill.  
I used the sample paint from the hardware store rather than buying paint from Wal-Mart (the evil empire).
 The red does look quite bright.  
I knew the Briwax would tone it down.  
 It took two coats. 
I had actually painted this about a month ago.  
Oh, Sot!  I forgot to take pictures after it had been Briwaxed.  
At the end you will see how it actually turned out.  
Then there was the cutting of backing fabric.  
I decided to go with a brown Civil War reproduction from the quilt store.
Ah, the splendor of stash!

 Spent a Sunday afternoon cutting fabric and hand sewing on crocheted lace and buttons.  

 This really is a labor intensive piece!
 The top really would have fit better on the Whitman Sampler box but, I just didn't want to deal with painting one and having the paint chip off during the Briwax process.  
I am happy with the results.  
I finished lacing this on the cardboard at stitching group on Wednesday night.  

 Yesterday, I finished the inside of the Huswife.  
I did have some stitching dyslexia problems that had to be corrected after the fact.  

 I decided not to make the small strawberry emery do-dad. 
Just didn't have any emery I decided not to get any.  
The felt strawberries are hand applicade. 
 The ticking pin keep is hand sewed on too.  I had to dye some twill tape while doing this.
Initially I thought I attached it like the picture but, they decided I didn't and had to move it.  
That was no biggy.  
 I'm not too sure I put the ties on in the right spots but, it works.  

 Folded the other way and the birds look upside down.  
 Got the top glued onto the top of the box and then glued the green chenille.  
 I couldn't find the scrapbooking paper I bought a year ago (imagine that).
I had some other paper that I think I like better anyway.  
I did find the paper later....haha
 You get a much better idea of how the paint looked after being Briwaxed.  
Just when I thought I had enough pictures, I had to add a few more.  
I wanted a little more look at the wood after the waxing.  

 I needed a picture of the finished pinkeep.  
 And finally, how they look together.  
I plan to keep the box in the sewing room next to the sewing machine to try and tidy things up a bit. I think I will keep the huswife in my stitching basket for extra needles and pins.  I may tie my dololly where a scissors should go.

Thanks for tolerating the picture intensive post.  Hope you have a great weekend and the weather is as nice where you are as it is here.  Or, I hope your basement is dry.  (That terrible flooding)

Keep on Stitching


  1. Nice job! I like the wooden box better! Love any Brenda design.

  2. What great finishes! Certainly great treasures to keep close at hand. Happy stitching....

  3. What a great finish...well done!

  4. Wonderful! :0 I am out of word.:) Congratulations.:) You are an expert.:)

  5. Beautiful! I have this in my stitching pile! Yours turned out great on the wooden box!

  6. What a beautiful piece. So much work went into it and it is just gorgeous. I so enjoy stopping in to see what you're up to and to take a look at all your beautiful projects.