Thursday, August 22, 2013

Way Cool Clouds! and other things.

We have had these clouds a couple of times this summer.  They are called Mammatus.  We have had them after some pretty major storms.  These aren't the best pictures.  
 The ones we had a little earlier this summer were even more spectacular but, I didn't take pictures.  I barely noticed them!  Bad Blogger!!!

 Had to show you pictures of the thread I got from Nancy at the Victorian and Sampler Shoppe. 
They are gorgeous colors and an impressive amount.  It is an awesome drawing!
They are:  Ocean Waves, Faded Green Leaves, Flo Blue Dark, Faded Sampler Red and 
Sweet Potato Pie....LOVE THEM!
 The latest update of the PS August.  
Will I finish before September?
Why didn't I work on September instead?  
 Below, better picture of the fabric.
Above, better picture of the floss colors.
Why do you have to make such decisions?
 I had to take a close up of the chicks and chickens...this one is for you, Arttie.  
As always, it has been a very busy week.  I had to zip to Milwaukee and back to take Katy to a doctor's appointment.  It's about 3 1/2 hours away.  We did get to do some shopping before we headed home but, its always a whirlwind.  A little school wardrobe shopping at H&M for Katy and stock up on three buck chuck at Trader Jo's along with Marinara, rice, pasta and GF flour.  Should hold me for a little while.  The last 30 minutes was through a heck of a storm...lightening, thunder and hail...and torrential rain.  

This will be her last weekend home.  We have a wedding on Saturday and Sunday will have the grandma's over for dinner before she goes.  The summer has flown by and I just don't know what happened to August!

Thanks for all the lovely comments.  I love hearing from you!
Hope your week has been good and your weekend special!
Keep on Stitching


  1. Monica, I love your clouds. We've had those a number of times this summer also. I love taking pictures of clouds and also the moon, lately.

    Great stitching, and gorgeous floss!

  2. Hi! Love the clouds. I also won the treads from Nancy. They are just gorgeous. I can't wait to use them. I had not tried her threads before, but I think I will be buying them in the future!.

  3. Beautiful clouds!! Those thread colors are wonderful ~ have fun looking for projects to us them on!!